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GA listing: Where you can buy Christmas trees in Bonn and the region

GA listing : Where you can buy Christmas trees in Bonn and the region

A Christmas tree covered with decorations and lights is a beautiful tradition in Germany and in many parts of the world. If you are looking to buy a Christmas tree this season, here are some places to go in Bonn and the region.

Traditionally in Germany, one finds presents under a beautifully decorated Christmas tree at many homes on Christmas Eve. It is also tradition for many to carefully select their tree months in advance and reserve it. Here is a list of where Christmas trees can be bought in Bonn and the region. Of course, there are also other places but this is a list to get you started.

Christmas trees in Bonn

“Tannen Janssen" in Ückesdorf

The family business "Tannen Janssen" offers its Christmas trees in Ückesdorf. There are different varieties including Nordmann fir, blue spruce and black pine amongst others. The trees can either be selected on site and taken along, or delivered directly to your home.

  • Address: Hubertusstraße 18, 53125 Bonn, Germany
  • Opening hours: from 23 November: Monday to Friday, 2 - 8pm, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 8pm; from 5 December: Monday to Sunday, 10am - 8pm
  • Contact: (0228) 251 567, www.tannen-janssen.de

Christmas tree sales at Ippendorf

The fir trees in Ippendorf come from the Sauerland, Eifel and Bergisches Land regions. The family business has been selling its Christmas trees in Röttgener Straße for over 20 years. It says it is one of the largest Christmas tree stands of Bonn.

Christmas trees for sale on the Venusberg

There are also numerous Nordmann firs on the Venusberg. Every year the Catholic Young Community (KjG) offers Christmas trees for sale on the Advent weekends. The promotion takes place on the lawn in front of the Heilig Geist Church (Holy Spirit Church).

Visitors can either take the Christmas trees home themselves or have them delivered to their homes free of charge. The proceeds of the sale are used by the KjG completely for its youth work.

Christmas trees in Kessenich

Every year trees are sold at the Christmas tree stand in Kessenich. The fir trees come from the Eifel and will be offered from 8 December at the roundabout on Eduard-Otto-Straße 4. The selection ranges from Nordmann firs, Nobilis, blue firs, pines and spruces to decorative branches.

In addition, the stand also offers meats including roe deer, red deer and wild boar from the Eifel and the Kottenforst.

  • Address: Eduard-Otto-Straße 4, 53129 Bonn, Germany
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am to 7pm
  • Contact: www.weihnachtsbaum-bonn.de

Tree farm at the Meßdorf field

From the first weekend of Advent, visitors can select and reserve a Christmas tree in the tree farm at the Meßdorfer Feld (field).

The way to get there is somewhat hidden so drivers will have to follow directions carefully: Coming from Kreisstraße 12n, potential tree buyers turn into the field at a traffic island and then follow the signs to the Christmas trees. The tree farm is located between Bonner Weg and Gielsdorfer Straße.

  • Address: Kreisstraße 12n, Meßdorfer Feld, 53123 Bonn, Germany

Schreiber farm in Niederbachem

Nordmann firs and blue spruces can be found at the Schreiber family farm in Wachtberg-Niederbachem. They are open on the first and second weekends of Advent, and after that they are open daily from 14 December. Visitors can choose their trees there.

  • Address: Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 88, 53343 Wachtberg-Niederbachem, Germany
  • Opening hours: from 14 December, Monday to Sunday, 1 to 5pm.
  • Contact: (0228) 348 127, www.weihnachtstanne.de

Christmas farm Bungarten in Oberpleis

The Christmas trees sold by the family business Bungarten in Königswinter-Oberpleis come from the Westerwald. This year the Christmas tree sales start on 10 December.

  • Address: Brückenwiese 11-13, site of the building complex Klein, 53639 Königswinter-Oberpleis
  • Opening hours: from 10 December, Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Contact: www.weihnachtsbaumhof-bungarten.hpage.com

Garden nursery Fuhs in Gielsdorf

At the Fuhs tree nursery in Alfter-Gielsdorf, a Christmas market will take place on 15 and 16 December, where you will find Christmas trees, cocoa, coffee and a snack. Visitors can choose fir trees and Christmas presents for their loved ones.

  • Address: Alfterer road 210, 53347 Alfter
  • Opening hours: Christmas market on Saturday, 15 December, and Sunday, 16 December, 10:30am to 6pm
  • Contact: www.gartenbaumschule-fuhs.de

Forsthaus Erlenbusch

The Forsthaus Erlenbusch (forester's lodge) has been around since 1913. Nowadays Christmas trees, Advent wreaths and pine cones are offered. Every year visitors can even cut down their own Christmas tree. There is also firewood for sale for those who have a fireplace.

  • Address: Forsthaus Erlenbusch, 53424 Remagen, Germany
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm
  • Contact: (02642) 35 11, forsthauserlenbusch.de

This is a list of sales stands for Christmas trees which does not claim to be comprehensive or follow any set of criteria. Is something missing from the list? Please send us an e-mail .

(Orig. text: ga.de / Translation: ck)