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Bonn/Region · Whether pizza, pasta or antipasti, these eleven restaurants offer that special Italian flair and flavor. And they are the favorites of the GA newsroom.

Everyone has their own idea about what kind of food tastes good but a handful of Italians in Bonn and the GA are in agreement on this: It’s really a must to try the pizza and pasta locally in Bonn. Whether it’s the pizza at Tuscolo, which comes as big as a wagon wheel, and was recently introduced in Cologne, or Piazza San Paolo which brings the taste of Sicily to Bonn, we are particularly enthusiastic about the following restaurants.

Ristorante - Pizzeria Tivoli

"Eating is a pleasure of life," writes Tivoli on its website. "Sitting down together is a moment of peace and relaxation." And so the restaurant invites you to make something special out of your everyday meal.

Tivoli was originally opened in 1964 as an ice cream parlor, and later pizza and pasta were added. Today Graziella Mezzarana operates the restaurant in its second generation; Tivoli was founded by the Italian parents. With 53 years running, the restaurant is today considered the oldest pizzeria in Bonn. In addition to pizza and various pasta dishes, the restaurant boasts anitpasti as well as fish and meat variations.

The food can also be ordered for take-away and pick-up at a discount of ten percent.

Adress: Friedrich-Breuer-Straße 91, 53225 Bonn-Beuel

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 11:30am to 2:30pm and from 5:30 to 10:30pm

Contact: 0228/470-651(reservation only by phone)),

Ristorante Bacco

In the summer, Bacco promises a little getaway: The beer garden is located on a terrace with water fountains, surrounded by tall hedges and shady branches. Inside, guests can expect a Mediterranean feel-good atmosphere thanks to brightly colored walls and dark wood furniture.

The restaurant also knows how to inspire with its cooking: "The culinary repertoire ranges from antipasti to soups, salads, pizzas and pasta to tasty meat and fish dishes, all of which are served in an appealing manner by a friendly service team", the website states. Veal liver with butter and sage, gnocchi della Nonna or pizza Bacco with prosciutto, rucola salad and parmesan are recommended.

Adress: Oppelner Straße 2, 53119 Bonn-Tannenbusch

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 12 to 2:30pm and from 5 - 10pm; Saturday from 5 to 10 pm; Sunday from 12 to 2:30pm and from 5 - 10pm; Mondays: closed

Contact: 0228/24-98-695,

Ristorante - Pizzeria Valtellina

The restaurant is named after the Italian alpine valley of the same name. "The Valtellina Valley is famous for its delicious cuisine and its fine wines," says the homepage. You can convince yourself of this on site: For example, specialties such as bresaola, air-dried beef and selected wines are imported.

Adress: Michaelplatz 6, 53177 Bonn-Bad Godesberg

Opening hours: every day from 12 to 10pm

Contact: 0228/35-75-61,

Tuscolo, La Vita, Borsalino Da Enzo und La Riviera


The Tuscolo has four locations in the region: there are two in Bonn, one in Siegburg and one in Cologne. For 30 years, Tuscolo has been offering “Made in Italy” as a family business. The restaurant is known for its huge pizzas with thin crust and lot of toppings: it is not uncommon for guests to pack their leftovers to take home.

If you are one who can never have too many ingredients on your pizza, you can order the "Super, Super, Super Special" with mushrooms, beef fillet, bacon, rucola, onions, garlic, fresh tomatoes and parmesan shavings. In addition, guests can look forward to daily inexpensive lunch menus in an Italian ambience.

Adress: Münsterblick: Gerhard-von-Are-Straße 8, 53111 Bonn-Innenstadt | Frankenbad: Kaiser-Karl-Ring 63, 53111 Bonn-Nord | Siegburg: Holzgasse 36, 53721 Siegburg | Köln: Hohenzollernring 22, 50672 Köln

Opening hours: open daily 11:30am - 11:30pm | open daily 11:30am - 11:30pm | 11:30am - 11:00pm

Contact: 0228/429-766-05, | 0228/694-665, | 02241/916-11-34, | 0221/5981-4939 Facebookauftritt

Ristorante - Pizzeria La Vita

La Vita is an Italian restaurant with a heart for children. Younger visitors can look forward to a playground and children's birthday parties are organized in regular intervals in combination with a pizza baking course. If you want to get an impression of the ambiance, you can take a virtual tour (smell of freshly baked stone oven pizza not included).

From antipasti to meat, fish and soups: guests are spoiled from A to Z here. La Vita also has 32 years of tradition, boasting visitors like Hans-Dietrich Genscher and Joschka Fischer, Rainer Barzel, Hans Apel, Wolfgang Niedecken and Eros Ramazzotti. The restaurant is accessible for the physically impaired.

Adress: Kessenicher Straße 165, 53129 Bonn-Dottendorf

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 6 to 11 pm; Saturday 12 to 2:30pm and 6 - 11pm and Sunday 12 to 2:30pm and 6 - 10pm

Contact: 0228/235-045,

Borsalino Da Enzo

In TripAdvisor, it’s called the "best Italian eatery in Siegburg". The pizza, pasta and risotto are wonderful, and you get good value for the money. The ambiance is rather reduced; in summer you can eat outside in the courtyard.

Adress: Verbindungsweg 3, 53721 Siegburg

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 12 to 3pm and from 6pm - midnight

Contact: 02241/643-90,

La Riviera

At La Riveria in Bonn-Poppelsdorf, visitors will enjoy dishes that are both appealing to the eye and tastebuds. Delicious pasta, homemade pizza and juicy meat dishes can be found here; but above all the appetizers from the bar are terrific. The ambience is kept simple, but with a family feeling guaranteed by Giovanni Luca Ventre and Daniele Padovano - since 1981.

Adress:Jagdweg 1, Bonn-Poppelsdorf

Opening hours:Tuesday to Saturday from 6 pm to midnight; Sunday from 12 to 2:30pm and from 6pm to midnight; Mondays: closed

Contact: 0228/22-9494, Facebook

Piazza San Paolo, Il Punto, Italiano Remise und Piazza Siciliana

Piazza San Paolo

The restaurant describes its ambience as follows: "Like in a lively piazza of a typical Sicilian town right on the strada principale." Since 1992 the family business has been serving Italian specialties. Some visitors have arrived over the years as guests and departed as friends.

"Sicilian-Mediterranean joie de vivre and the enjoyment of good food" are on the menu in the form of antipasti, soups and salads, fresh fish and meat specialties as well as homemade pasta and rice dishes, a variety of pizza specialties, Sicilian desserts, wines and spirits. On request, the dishes are prepared gluten-, lactose-free or vegan. Certain dishes can be ordered on a separate take-away menu.

Adress: Lengsdorfer Hauptstraße 14, 53127 Bonn-Lengsdorf

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday and Sunday from 12 to 2:30pm and from 6 - 10:30pm; Saturday from 6 to 10:30 pm; Mondays: closed

Contact: 0228/25-85-96 (reservation only by phone),

Il Punto

Just a stone's throw from the main university building, Il Punto offers Italian cuisine right in the heart of the student city. The offer is supplemented by further selected delicacies from the Mediterranean region. Quality, tradition as well as seasonal and regional top products are the magic words here. The restaurant says it focuses on “a heart-felt pampering of our guests.”

In summer, the idyllic flower terrace invites you to linger. Overall, the ambience is elegant. The menu features dishes such as veal carpaccio with pear and summer truffle, fettuccine with cuttlefish and white wine sauce or monkfish medallion of tomato saffron jus. Those who want to finish their meal with a fine grappa or digestif will find a nice selection.

Adress: Lennéstraße 6, 53113 Bonn

Opening hours: Friday to Wednesday from 12 to 2:30pm and from 6 - 10:30pm; Thursdays: closed

Contact: 0228/263-833,

Ristorante Italiano Remise

The Parisi family conjures up Piedmontese, Tuscan and Ligurian delicacies in this restaurant in Siegburg. These include high quality steaks, Tuscan pork tenderloin and freshly caught seafood. The ingredients are always high quality and natural - as befits a gourmet restaurant.

The atmosphere is very elegant but still comfortable. One can dine in the winter garden, or on the terrace in nice weather and in the Tuscan-style courtyard. The Weinstube on the upper floor offers space for up to 35 guests for an undisturbed evening.

Adress: Haufeld 2a, 53721 Siegburg

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 12 to 2:30pm and 6 - 11pm; Sundays: closed

Contact: 02241/503-03,

Piazza Siciliana da Sebastiano

No frills, but the food is all the more convincing: The restaurant Piazza Siciliana da Sebastiano in Sankt Augustin is to many regulars "the Italian restaurant in the region". The menu changes daily, and appetizers and deliciously prepared sole delight guests. The service takes on Italian family charm and the extensive menu has something to offer for every taste.

Adress: Kölnstraße 92, 53757 Sankt Augustin

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 12 - 3pm and from 5:30 - 11pm, Mondays: closed

Contact: On Facebook

And these Italian restaurants are recommended by GA readers:

Ristorante Pizzeria Passione
Siegburger Str. 149, 53229 Bonn

Ristorante Sapore
Clemens-August-Straße 67, 53115 Bonn

Römerstraße 83, 53111 Bonn

Ristorante Borsalino
Heerstraße 77, 53111 Bonn

Sassella Ristorante
Karthäuserpl. 21, 53129 Bonn

Ristorante Da Giovanni
Friedrich-Breuer-Straße 65, 53225 Bonn

This is an arbitrary listing from Bonn and the surrounding area, which is not intended to be complete and has not followed any objective criteria. It is also not a ranking. The order is arbitrary and the establishments are subjectively selected. Is there anything missing on the list? Please send us an e-mail to

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