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Income per capita: Who earns the most in Bonn and the region

Income per capita : Who earns the most in Bonn and the region

On average, Bonn residents have a higher income than many other city dwellers in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the Rhine-Sieg district, however, there are places where people earn significantly more.

According to information from the Statistical Office of North Rhine-Westphalia, people who listed Bonn as their place of primary residence, earned an average of 43,864 euros per capita in 2014. In comparison, average income before taxes was higher only in Dusseldorf. People there took in 45,434 euros per year on average. Cologne was clearly behind with an average income of 39,524 euros. Duisburg came in last with just 28,932 euros per year.

While Bonn is far ahead when it comes to comparing cities, there are people in the Rhine-Sieg district who earn considerably more. The leading area is Wachtberg. Here, the average income before taxes in 2014 was 49,639 euros per capita. This was closely followed by Bad Honnef with 48,487 euros and Königswinter with 47,659 euros.

Among the lower earners in Rhine-Sieg district were those living in the upper Sieg. In Eitorf, the per capita income was just 32,438 euros and in Windeck, 32,955 euros.

In the Rhenish part of North Rhine-Westphalia, the average income of 38,295 euros (2013: 37,240 euros) was 2,022 euros higher than in Westphalia with 36,273 euros (2013: 35,048 euros). Of the 165 Rhenish towns and municipalities, 44 had total revenues of more than 40,000 euros per taxpayer, while 45 out of the 231 Westphalian municipalities exceeded this amount.

When interpreting the results, one has to keep in mind that cohabiting spouses are counted as one taxpayer in this survey. The figures are based on the results of the 2014 wage and income tax statistics. They can only be published now that the anonymous tax data is provided by the tax authorities. The earliest date for this follows completion of all assessment work for statistical evaluations. The information is the most recent available.

(Orig. text: Joshua Bung / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)