Unstable weather Why are so many thunderstorms happening right now?

Bonn · We have been experiencing many storms recently. Thunderstorms and heavy rains have causing flooding and accidents. A meteorologist explains why this is occurring so often at the moment.

More stormy weather is expected in Germany from Wednesday on. Thunderstorms are forecast for the southern part of the country and later in the middle region. Bringing in the storms is a weak low-pressure area that transports moist, warm air.

Matthias Habel from the Bonn weather service WetterOnline, speaks of a “blocking” high (area of high pressure that remains nearly stationary). This creates a stronghold, preventing Atlantic lows from determining the weather. But these do not simply disappear, rather they migrate in a “disoriented” fashion across central Europe. Scattered, violent thunderstorms, sometimes accompanied by extremely heavy rain, are formed again and again in the area where it meets the dry air. The result is flooding.

This weather situation is not unusual. However, what is unusual is that these weather conditions are holding on for so long, according to Habel. The influence of the high pressure area in the north is so great that the lows have almost no chance. This has resulted in lasting sunshine and dry weather for many weeks.

Continued dry weather and flash floods

The thunderstorms will not leave until the Atlantic low pressure system gains strength. Currently, these lows are just too weak to prevail against the “blocking” high. "On the contrary, dryness and flash floods will continue to accompany us," says the meteorologist.

It isn’t possible to predict a specific place in a region where a thunderstorm will hit. Only when the storm has formed and the weather radar perceives the heavy rain and lightning strikes can an estimate be given of which towns and cities might be hit in the next few minutes. It can also be that the storm hits in one town, while the neighboring village remains dry.

"This is similar to a pot of water put on the stovetop, we know that bubbles will rise as soon as the water boils, but where the single bubble comes from is not predictable," says Habel.

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