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Update on lighting situation: Why parts of the Rheinaue Park remain in the dark

Update on lighting situation : Why parts of the Rheinaue Park remain in the dark

Some of the pathways at the Rheinaue Park will remain in the dark until spring. Only then will the municipal utilities replace the defective lamps. Delivery delays are cited as the problem.

The days are getting shorter and what one didn’t notice on those long summer evenings has once again become evident. Large parts of the Rheinaue Park are dark from early evening, leaving cyclists, joggers and walkers a lack of visibility because of defective lamps.

On the much used path from the Rheinaue public transport stop to Charles-de-Gaulle-Strasse, 14 of the 26 lights are not functioning. Riding a bike in the dark becomes a danger for runners and pedestrians who are not equipped with reflectors or flashlights to make themselves visible. Cyclists who have bikes with proper lighting may find their way in the dark but become aware of pedestrians dressed in dark clothing when it is too late. This endangers both pedestrian and cyclist. When the pathways are wet, the situation is made even worse.

Supply squeeze for LED lights causes delay

As early as 2016, the city commissioned SWB (municipal utilities) subsidiary Bonn-Netz to replace sections of the ailing Südstadt lights in the Rheinaue area with Trilux lights. The latter not only bring more light into the dark with LED technology, but also reduce electricity consumption by more than half. "The old lamps consumed between 50 and 80 watts. The LED lights consume only 23 watts," SWB reports. "In addition, the new lights have a better light distribution, so that the lighting areas are significantly enlarged."

According to SWB, the order to replace the lights had already been placed in April. But due to delays in delivery by the manufacturer of the LED lights, the lighting replacements could not be completed. They should be finished by spring 2019 at the latest.

On the other hand, the lighting of the 3. 5-kilometer-long path from the Caesar Research Center to Charles de Gaulle Strasse has been completed with the replacement of 135 lights and a total investment of 295,000 euros. The section on the right bank of the Rhine between Bonner Bogen and the Wolkenburgweg settlement along the Rhine is also completed. There is new lighting on walkways and bike paths.

Another section at the Rheinaue is also on the agenda for the future. It will be in connection with the planned extension of the cycle and pedestrian pathway under the Konrad-Adenauer-Bridge all the way to Martin-Luther-King-Strasse. Until this area is safely lighted, police spokesman Robert Scholten appeals to all cyclists and pedestrians to turn on required lighting, wear bright clothing and use reflectors or lights when it is dark, and not only in the Rheinaue.

Orig. text: Stefan Hermes

Translation: ck