Weather in Bonn and the region Will another heat wave follow the cooler weather?

Bonn · The beginning of the week brought some cooling down. But might there be another heat wave? Meteorologist Jürgen Schmidt predicts how the summer will develop in Bonn and the region.

It was a month of records: June was much too warm, too dry and with an average temperature of 21.5 degrees, it was 4.8 degrees warmer than the average over the past 125 years. Although the beginning of the week has brought some cooling down, how will it go on? Meteorologist Jürgen Schmidt from Wetterkontor makes this assessment about the remainder of summer in Bonn and the region: "Only one summer month has passed. Experience has shown that the warmest time in summer is from mid-July to mid-August".

He does not rule out another heat wave. "It is quite conceivable. But this week the heat won't come back. The pleasant temperatures are coming from a wind out of the northwest. For Wednesday, Schmidt forecasts a maximum temperature of 25 degrees. It will be warmer on Thursday and Friday with up to 25 and 27 degrees respectively.

Schmidt also takes a cautious view until Sunday. According to him, it will remain summery overall, but "showers are possible on the weekend". Sunday will be the coolest day of the week with only 23 degrees. According to Schmidt, the nights will also be cool this week. "This is good for airing out (houses and apartments), because we don't expect more of those hot nights for the time being.”

Orig. text: Jill Mylonas
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