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Forecast for Bonn and the region: Will the sunny weather last?

Forecast for Bonn and the region : Will the sunny weather last?

Bonn/region. Full sun, a cloudless sky and temperatures around 17 degrees: the weather showed its best side at the weekend in Bonn and the region. But will the coming week continue to be so spring-like?

The “Dorit” high-pressure area is already bringing spring to Bonn and the region in February. Many people from Bonn took advantage of the beautiful weekend weather for walks or fetched their bikes from their winter storage. The good news is that the area of high pressure will continue to provide spring-like weather in the coming days.

The German Weather Service (DWD) said on Sunday that it would remain mild, but not quite as sunny. At the start of the week on Monday, temperatures in Bonn and the region will reach 13 degrees. Tuesday will start a little cloudier at first but this will clear during the day with temperatures of around ten degrees. Temperatures will also remain at over ten degrees mid-week with a mix of sun and clouds.

(Original text: ga.de. Translation: kc)