Wine festivals, tastings and markets Wine events to look forward to in the Ahr Valley in 2024

Ahr Valley · The first wine events of the 2024 season are taking place in the Ahr Valley this month. From now until November, there will be markets, wine tastings and festivals featuring local specialities every month. Here is an overview of the various events.

Wine festivals, tastings and markets: Wine events to look forward to in the Ahr Valley in 2024

From April to November wine lovers can enjoy a host of special events at the Ahr Valley. From Open Cellar Day, when winegrowers and winegrowers' cooperatives take you behind the scenes of wine production, to the traditional wine festivals in the villages along the Ahr. Here is an overview of the 2024 events.

April: Open cellar day, Ahr wine tasting, Dernau wine presentation and "Mittelahr Weinfrühling".

The wine season in the Ahr Valley begins with the Tag der offenen Weinkeller (Open Wine Cellar Day) on Saturday 13 April. Various wineries and winegrowers' cooperatives will open their doors from 11am to 6pm to give visitors a glimpse of how wine is made. The following wineries will be taking part:

Ahrweiler Winzerverein, Dagernova Ahr Weinmanufaktur, Jungwinzer next Generation, Weingut Coels, Weingut Erwin Riske, Weingut Kurth, Weingut Max Schell, Weingut Peter Kriechel, Weingut Peter Lingen, Weingut Sonnenberg, Winzergenossenschaft Mayschoß-Altenahr, Winzerhof Körtgen, Weingut Burggarten, Weingut Adolf Schreiner and Weingut Gebrüder Bertram.

You can choose which winery you would like to start with, and there you will receive a tasting pass which entitles you to 3 tastings at each winery. Shuttle buses run between the wineries. Tickets cost €45 and are available in advance from the Ahrtal-Tourismus website.

Where: Various wineries along the Ahr

When: Saturday, 13 April, 11am to 6pm

Admission: 45 euros

The evening before, the AhrWine-Tasting will take place on the small stage in the Kurpark of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. From 6pm to 10pm, various wineries and winegrowers' cooperatives will be presenting their wines. Winzergenossenschaft Mayschoß-Altenahr, Dagernova Ahr Weinmanufaktur, Weingut Coels, Weingut Erwin Riske, Weingut Kurth, Weingut Peter Kriechel, Weingut Peter Lingen, Weingut Sonnenberg, Weingut Adolf Schreiner, Weingut Gebrüder Bertram, Weingut Max Schell, Weingut Brogsitter, Weingut Stark Linden and Weingut Maibachfarm will be taking part. Tickets are now available online. Combined tickets for both events are also available.

Where: Small stage in the Kurpark, Kurgartenstraße 13, 53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

When: Friday 12 April, 6pm to 10pm.

Admission: 27 euros, combined ticket for tasting and open cellar day 69 euros

On the eve of the Dernauer Weinfrühling, the Dernauer wineries and the Dagernova Ahr winery invite you to the Dernauer wine presentation. The winemakers will present their latest wine collections and guests will be able to taste them at the tasting stands. Tickets are available on the Dagernova website and in the wine shops in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler and Dernau.

Where: Dagernova event hall, Römerstraße 32, 53507 Dernau

When: Friday, 26 April, 7 pm to 11 pm

Admission: 29 euros

What started as an emergency solution after the flood disaster has now established itself as a new event - "Wandern für den Wiederaufbau" (Hiking for Reconstruction). This year, on the last weekend in April and the first two weekends in May, winemakers and restaurateurs will once again set up stalls along the Red Wine Trail. There will be stands along the 15km route between Marienthal and Altenahr where walkers can sample wine and regional specialities. Proceeds from the event go towards rebuilding the tourist industry.

Where: Rotweinwanderweg (Red wine trail) between Marienthal and Altenahr

When: 27/28 April, 4/5 May and 9 and 11/12 May

May: AhrWeinWalk, Whitsun Wine Market and Music and Wine Festival

Several events take place in May. Wine lovers and walkers will enjoy the AhrWeinWalk. Over the Ascension weekend (9-12 May), visitors can sample regional wines at various stands along the Ahrweiler Höhenwege. The trail starts at Ahrweiler Markt station.

Where: Ahrweiler Höhenwege, starting at Ahrweiler Markt station, 53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

When: 9 to 12 May

The Pfingstweinmarkt (Whitsun wine market) in Ahrweiler's market square features sparkling wines, wines and brandies from the Ahr's wineries and winegrowers' cooperatives. The Ahr Wine Queen will be crowned on Friday evening.

Where: Ahrweiler market square, 53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

When: 17 to 20 May

Set against the picturesque backdrop of illuminated vineyards, the Festival Musik und Wein (Music and Wine Festival) at the end of May features performances by Cologne bands Brings and Köbes Underground, among others. Over five days, the Marienthal Wine Culture Stage will host an open-air concert every evening - Köbes Underground (29-30 May), Brings (31 May), Jürgen Becker (1 June) and Silje Nergaard / Afra Kane - The Wine Summerlounge (2 June). Tickets for the individual concerts are already available on the promoter's website.

Where: Weinkulturbühne, Klosterstrasse 6, 53507 Dernau

When: 29 May to 2 June, doors open daily at 6pm

Admission: 31 euros (in advance), 38 euros (at the door)

From the end of May to the end of August, a wine lounge will be set up in the spa gardens of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler on the banks of the River Ahr. A variety of regional wines and snacks are served under the trees and palm trees.

June: Ahrathon, Mayschoß Wine Blossom Festival and Korkenfrei (cork-free)Wine Festival

The Ahrathon takes runners - some in fancy dress - from winery to winery along the Red Wine Trail. As well as the usual refreshments, participants receive a glass of wine from each winery. There are marathon, half-marathon, five-kilometre and ten-kilometre distances to choose from. The start and finish is at the Sonnenberg vineyard in Bad Neuenahr. For registration and further information visit

Where: Start and finish at Weingut Sonnenberg, Heerstraße 98, 53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

When: Saturday 15 June from 9am

Entry fee: including marathon (from €47.50), half-marathon (from €37.50), ten-kilometre run (from €20)

On the third weekend in June, the Mayschoß winegrowers traditionally host a festival, the Weinblütenest, to celebrate the start of the vines' blooming season. You can enjoy live music while sampling wine and sparkling wine and local delicacies.

Where: Mayschoß festival grounds, 53508 Mayschoß

When: Saturday 15th June and Sunday 16th June

July: Altenahr Wine Summer and Burgundy Festival

During the Altenahr Wine Summer on the first weekend in July, local winegrowers offer their sparkling wines and wines on the Altenahr fairground.

Where: Am Kirchplatz, Pützgasse 2, 53505 Altenahr

When: 6/7 July

At the Bad Neuenahr Burgunderfest, you can dance in the vineyards on Saturday 27 July. During the day, walk the Red Wine Trail through the vineyards to the festival meadow in Bad Neuenahr, tasting various red and white Burgundy wines along the way. The walk starts at the Ahrweiler winegrower's chapel. The dancing starts at 5pm on a dance floor built into the hillside. A big band will play. For €14, guests will receive a Burgundy Festival package consisting of a festive glass, three wine vouchers, a ticket for the Rhine-Moselle transport network and a glass holder (the package costs €17 on the day of the event).

Where: Ahrweiler Wine Chapel/Festwiese in Bad Neuenahr

When: Saturday 27 July from 11am.

Admission: free / €14

August: Ahrweiler Wine Festival, Wine Festivals in Heimersheim and Walporzheim

On the first weekend in August, the Ahrweiler Winzer-Verein invites you to its Hoffest.

Where to go: Ahrweiler Winzer-Verein, Walporzheimerstraße 19, 53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

When: 2/3 August, 6pm

Admission: free

The town of Heimersheim hosts a medieval wine festival in August. Visitors must pay a toll at the entrance to the wine village.

Where: 53474 Heimersheim

When: 16 to 18 August

Walporzheim also holds a traditional three-day wine festival in August around the village square with its romantic half-timbered houses. As part of the wine festival, the new wine queen is crowned on Friday. The wine festival parade takes place on Sunday.

Where: 53474 Walporzheim

When: 23 to 25 August

September: Ahrweiler Wine Weeks, Middle Ahr Wine Autumn, wine festivals in Altenahr, Rech, Bachem and Dernau

The Ahr wine season culminates in September. There are a number of wine-related events on the calendar. On the first two weekends in September, the old town of Ahrweiler hosts one of the largest wine festivals in the Ahr Valley. During the Ahrweiler Wine Weeks, local winegrowers and wineries offer their wines for tasting in the market square. There are also several stalls selling sweet and savoury food. And there is live music.

Where: Ahrweiler market square, 53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

When: 30 August - 1 September and 6 to 8 September

The town of Altenahr also hosts a wine festival in September. The highlight is a walking dinner on Friday evening.

Where: 53505 Altenahr

When: 6 to 8 September

One week after the Altenahr Wine Festival, Rech holds its traditional wine festival. It is organised by the local history and tourism association Weindorf Rech. The festival includes the proclamation of the new Wine Queen and a colourful parade on Sunday.

Where: 53506 Rech

When: 13 to 15 September

A mixture of music and wine festival awaits visitors to the Bachem wine festival "FestiWein" at the end of September. Pop, rock, folk and brass bands perform on the stage in Annastrasse. Ahr wines and regional specialities are also served.

Where: Bachem town centre, 53474 Bachem

When: 20 to 22 September

Similar to the Mittelahr Wine Spring, there will also be a Mittelahr Wine Autumn in 2024. From 28 September to 20 October, around 20 wineries will set up stalls along the red wine trail every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday. The stands along the 15-kilometre route between Marienthal and Altenahr will be open from 10 am to 6 pm.

Where: Red wine trail between Marienthal and Altenahr

When: 28 September to 20 October (weekends and public holidays)

A week later, Dernau holds its "Wein-Berg.Fest". The centre of the festival is the fairground at the primary school, but there are wine stalls and cosy courtyards all over the village. The new wine queen is crowned on Saturday and the big parade takes place on Sunday.

Where: Primary school playground, Römerstraße 22, 53507 Dernau

When: 27 to 29 September

October: Mayschoß Wine Festival

From 5 October, on Saturdays and Sundays, the village of Mayschoß will be transformed into a wine festival mile. The traditional wine festival ends on 27 October. Red and white wine specialities and regional dishes are on offer. There is also live music. Each weekend has a different theme.

Where: 53508 Mayschoß

When: 30 September - 22 October, Saturdays and Sundays

November: Taste the Best - Ahr Wine of the Year Tasting

Every year since 2011, the best wines from the Ahr Valley have been awarded the "Ahr Wine of the Year". Wine producers from the Ahr region have the opportunity to enter their wines in the categories "Cult Wines", "Premium Wines", "Classic Wines", "Best Pinot Noir", "Best Blanc de Noir" and "Best Riesling". Under the motto "Test the Best", visitors will be able to taste all the wines from the 2024 competition year as well as the winning wines on Sunday 3 November.

Where: Hotel Rodderhof, Oberhutstrasse 48, 53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

When: Sunday, 3 November, from 12 noon

On the first two weekends of Advent, the Wine Night Market takes place at the Marienthal Monastery Winery. Mulled wine, food and crafts are on sale.

Where: Kloster Marienthal Winery, Klosterstraße 3-5, 53507 Marienthal

When: 29 November to 1 December and 6 to 8 December

Admission: Free

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