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Theaterplatz in Bad Godesberg: Wine festival attracts visitors through Sunday

Theaterplatz in Bad Godesberg : Wine festival attracts visitors through Sunday

The Bad Godesberg wine festival at Theaterplatz will run until Sunday. Guests will not only enjoy fine wines from winegrowers, but also some food specialities.

The Bad Godesberg Wine Festival started at Theaterplatz on Thursday. Twelve wine retailers are offering wines from the Moselle, the Ahr and Italy until Sunday. With cheese from France, Kibbelingen from the Netherlands, salmon and Flammkuchen, a wide variety of international specialities await visitors.

Luise Cramer from Zülpich and Gisela Grau from Bad Neuenahr met up for the wine festival in Bad Godesberg. They drank a Pinot Gris and a Pinot Blanc while listening to the sounds of a pianist. A wine made from Kerner grapes is next. "We are thrilled. The Kerner tastes particularly good," the two said.

Anita and Holger Huth took almost an hour and a half by foot from Wachtberg-Gimmersdorf until they arrived in Bad Godesberg city. "The long walk was worth it," the former wine queen and her husband said. The two had arranged a wine festival meet-up with their former neighbors Thorsten and Tülay Zenker. "We think it's great that the city center is bustling. We are very supportive, that's why we are here," said Anita Huth.

The quartet didn't notice that there had been a wine festival at the same place only a month before. But other visitors were a little surprised about the short time between the two events. This time the event was not organized by city marketing, but rather the event service Brumbach.

"We did not know that a wine festival had only taken place here in May. We didn't know that until we received the confirmation," says Oskar Brumbach. His company has been organizing wine festivals in the Cologne-Bonn area and other events throughout the Rhineland for several years. In Bad Godesberg the event office had invited him to the wine festival for the first time.

"Wine festivals are now much more popular than street festivals because visitors appreciate the quiet atmosphere," says Brumbach. That's why they want to do more than organize festivals in the region, they would like to expand beyond that. To this aim, they are already working on a new concept with which they might even want to tour nationwide.

Brumbach was very satisfied working with Bad Godesberg city officials: "You don't always work as well with the city as you do here," he said. Whether the festival will take place again in Bad Godesberg city center will only be decided after the weekend has been evaluated. It depends on the wine retailers being satisfied. "However, we would like to coordinate with the city that the dates of the two wine festivals will not be so close again," said Brumbach.

The wine festival at Theaterplatz is open this Saturday until 10 pm and on Sunday from 12 noon to 9 pm.

(Orig. text: Sebastian Flick, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)