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On Münsterplatz: Wine festival in Bonn city center has opened

On Münsterplatz : Wine festival in Bonn city center has opened

The 28th wine festival on Münsterplatz spoils visitors with fine wines for three days this weekend. Mayor Ashok Sridharan and the wine queens from Lengsdorf and Duisdorf opened the festival on Thursday.

No matter which winegrower you ask, they all like to come to the Bonn Wine Festival. "Here there are enthusiastic wine drinkers, an open-minded mentality and a beautiful place," says Linus Lorsbach, who has been coming to the wine fest for 18 years. "People are well informed," praises Holger Schmitt from Rheinhessen, who has been participating for eight years now. "And they are open to other grape varieties such as Scheurebe and Muskateller.” For Bernd Hammer from Weingut Meyerhof, who initiated the festival 28 years ago, Bonners and winegrowers are "a beautiful family”.

Wine stands have been open on Münsterplatz since Thursday. Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan opened the wine festival on Thursday evening together with the wine queens Lara I. from Lengsdorf and Christina I. from Duisdorf along with Rhine Hessian wine princess Julia Reich. She was delighted to come to Bonn. In three weeks she will hand over her crown to her successor. "There is a lot of heart behind it," she praised the organizers of the Bonn Wine Festival.

For Christina I. it is also one of her last official acts before she gives up her post at the Duisdorf Wine Festival in September. But before that she still has a lot to do: She and Lara visit the wine queen meeting in Luxembourg, then she appears at the Duisdorf Fair. But she is sad that Christina will no longer be there. "We are a good team." And her favorite wines? White wine, both answer. It can be dry for Lara, semi-dry for Christina, "at least in summer”.

Stands are open until midnight on Friday and Saturday

Rosé was introduced at the table of sponsor Josef Klein. "It tastes deliciously fruity," said Helga Ullrich. "In warm weather, red wine does not work," said Margret Werner. And she doesn't drink white wine. They were surrounded by many people who wanted to enjoy the setting on Münsterplatz. Framed by seven stands where wineries present their products and three stalls where there is something to eat, the people from Bonn enjoyed the warm summer evening and the good wine as well as the music by Willi Bellingausen and the wine quiz with Julia Reich.

The festival runs through Sunday. It opens each day at 11 am, on Friday and Saturday the stands are open until midnight, on Sunday the wine festival ends at 9 pm.

On Friday from 12 to 5pm, there is a lively wine tasting with Julia Reich, on Saturday the winegrowers offer tasting packets to take along, from 4 to 10 pm there is music and dance. On Sunday, visitors can hear the Dixieland band “Milchkännchen".

Orig. text: Stefan Knopp
Translation: ck