Snow and frost Winter returns to Bonn and the region

BONN · Those comfortable mild temperatures of the past days are just about history. Expect winter to rear its head again from Friday evening, with colder temperatures, snow and frost in the forecast.

Spring temperatures this week have almost wiped away memories of the sub-zero cold in the past weeks. But following a high of ten degrees Celsius on Thursday and Friday, temperatures below zero are expected in the next days. Add to that a little frost and snow.

During the day on Friday, it will already start to get rather nasty, with lots of rain and ten to eleven degrees Celsius for a high. In the evening, spring leaves us for the time being and the temperatures will dip down to zero to minus three degrees. Sleet will accompany us into the weekend.

On Saturday, those winter jackets will come in handy as temperatures are expected to barely climb above zero. There will also be a light snowfall. Gusty winds will make the cold even more unpleasant on Saturday. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, temperature are expected to dip down to minus five degrees, which could result in black ice on the streets.

The winds are expected to die down during the day on Sunday but only a maximum of two degrees Celsius is expected. But the sun should peek through more often, driving away some of the clouds. An icy minus seven degrees is forecast for overnight.

Prospects for the coming week are looking brighter: Sun combined with temperatures climbing significantly during the day give us hope that we can finally say goodbye to winter once and for all.

(Orig. text: Isabelle Assenmacher, Translation: ck)

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