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Kurpark: Witnesses report shots fired in Bad Godesberg

Kurpark : Witnesses report shots fired in Bad Godesberg

Bonn police were called to the Kurpark in Bad Godesberg on Wednesday evening. A 16-year-old is said to have threatened a peer there with a blank gun, firing several shots into the air.

Witnesses reported that shots were allegedly fired off at around 6:05 pm in the Bad Godesberg Kurpark. According to initial police findings, a 16-year-old had threatened a peer with a blank gun, firing several shots into the air. Police searched the area immediately and were able to find the suspected shooter. But they announced on Thursday that after searching him, they did not find a blank gun on him.

The 16-year-old and a 17-year-old companion were taken to the Bad Godesberg police station, and both were released after initial questioning. Police filed a complaint against the 16-year-old for his threatening actions. Investigations into the incident continue.

The good weather on Wednesday lured many Bonn residents into the fresh air. As part of their concept of presence and intervention in Bad Godesberg, the police also checked known meeting points (for youth) in Bad Godesberg city center, in Mehlem, the Rheinaue and various parks and schoolyards.

The police stopped and checked a total of 65 people and vehicles at those locations on Wednesday. In the past two weeks, around 275 people and vehicles were inspected during five of these presence and intervention initiatives.

(Orig. text: ga.de/Translation: Carol Kloeppel)