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TV couple in court in Bonn: Woman allegedly mixed poisonous cocktail into juice for husband

TV couple in court in Bonn : Woman allegedly mixed poisonous cocktail into juice for husband

Since Tuesday, a 56-year-old medical assistant from Waldbröl has to answer to the Regional Court in Bonn for mixing a dangerous dose of medication into her husband's juice. The couple is known from various TV appearances.

In October 2018, the District Court of Waldbröl had sentenced the accused to one year and three months imprisonment with probation for dangerous bodily harm. Her 54-year-old husband (who works as a police officer) appealed against the sentence. He is convinced that his wife wanted to punish him for a love affair and kill him with the juice cocktail.

Shortly after taking it, the police officer is said to have fallen repeatedly and been disoriented. Sedatives, painkillers and sleeping pills were found in his blood. A lethal mix, a toxicologist found in the first trial, it is a miracle that the man survived. Therefore, he could not have taken the drugs all at once. However, the district court could not prove the defendant's intention to kill.

Also in the appeal proceedings, the defendant affirmed that she did not want to kill her husband under any circumstances, nor even harm him. She had only wanted to keep him quiet for a while. She had been annoyed by the constant SMS contact he had with his girlfriend at home. He had refused her request to turn down the ringtone.

The couple had become known through appearances in "Goodbye Germany" (Vox) and "Stern TV". They have been divorced since 2018 and both have new life partners.

(Original text: dpa; Translation: Mareike Graepel)