Accident with two injured persons Woman and man plunge through roof in Lannesdorf

BAD GODESBERG-MEHLEM · Two employees of the HIT supermarket in Lannesdorf fell through the roof of an adjacent warehouse on Saturday evening. They were seriously injured after plunging seven meters to the ground.

Two employees of the HIT grocery store on Drachenburgstraße climbed onto the roof of an adjoining warehouse because they suspected that teenagers were hanging out there. They had experienced this often in the past. It was Saturday evening, and the female and male employee were both going over the roof top at about a distance of five meters from one another. They broke through the roof at the same time and plunged to the ground.

According to police, there are plastic plates laid on the roof top. When both employees fell through, they landed seven meters below, suffering serious injuries. The woman was able to open the gate before she collapsed. Both were taken to the University Hospital for further treatment. The fire department had also been alerted in case they were needed to open up the gate.

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