Crossing tracks with barrier closed Woman in Oberkassel caught by train

Oberkassel · In Oberkassel a woman was hit by a train of the line 66 on Tuesday evening and seriously injured. She is said to have crossed the tracks with the barrier closed.

 In Oberkassel a woman was hit by a train.

In Oberkassel a woman was hit by a train.

Foto: Ralf Klodt

On Tuesday, a pedestrian was hit by a train on the 66 line in Zipperstraße and seriously injured. This was announced by the police that evening. The emergency services were called to the railroad crossing in Beuel at 7:23 pm. The 35-year-old is said to have crossed the tracks despite a red light and a closed barrier. The train going to Bad Honnef did not hit her head-on, but she was pushed sideways away from the train and the wheels did not roll over her.

An emergency doctor treated the woman on site and then took her to the hospital on Venusberg. The injuries that the woman suffered in the collision were not life-threatening, they said. The 60-year-old tram driver suffered a shock. He was cared for on site by a pastor. The 35 passengers had to leave the train. A replacement bus service was set up. Around 8.50 pm the line was open again.

A woman had already died in 2014 in an accident on Zipperstraße. She had made a phone call, ignored the red light and got under the train. The visibility for train drivers there is severely restricted due to the buildings close to the tracks.

( Original text: Dennis Scherer; Translation: Mareike Graepel)
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