Bonn central train station Woman mugged in tunnel

A woman was mugged in a tunnel at the Bonn central train station on Friday. Police are asking for anyone who has information to come forward.

Police are searching for two men involved in a mugging on Friday evening at 6:15 pm. A 43-year-old woman was in the tunnel at the train station, near the stairway to Track 5 when she was mugged by two men. The men tried to tear away her purse. Police reported that she was coming from Quantiusstraße, heading in the direction of the city center, when she was suddenly attacked by the men.

While one of them grabbed her from behind, his accomplice tugged at her purse. The purse strap ripped but the woman still held on to her purse, and then one of the men grabbed at the necklace she was wearing, ripping it off her neck. The men took a part of the damaged necklace and fled towards the inner city.

According to the woman, the men both had beards and black hair, were around 1.8 meters tall, and wearing white T-shirts with a colorful imprint. Anyone who has information is asked to please contact police investigators at (0228) 1 50.

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