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Exhibition in the Redoute: Women artists show hidden things in the Redoute

Exhibition in the Redoute : Women artists show hidden things in the Redoute

At the Haus at the Redoute in Bad Godesberg, art lovers can once again be inspired. Until July 4, female artists show works on the theme „Hidden".

After months of closure, once again there is an exhibition at the Haus an der Redoute. On display are works by the Association of Communities of Women Artists and Art Patrons, or Gedok for short. Together with District Mayor Christoph Jansen, Waltraud Pritz, head of the Gedok Visual Arts Group, opened the exhibition.

Even before the official opening, the first registrations had reached the organizers by e-mail. With 50 artworks by 35 women artists, the show offers a varied journey through different techniques on the theme of "the hidden." "When we planned this exhibition, we could not have imagined the circumstances under which it would actually take place," Pritz said. In keeping with the main theme, the paintings, sculptures and photographs created in 2019 and 2020 within six months of deciding the theme remained hidden for 13 months longer than anticipated due to the pandemic. "Many works fit the situation," Pritz found. And she explained the usual requirements for the group's artists: "Except for the set theme, there are no guidelines on approach, materials or technique.“

Mystical-magical world

So as visitors to the exhibition make their way through the rooms, they discover paintings done with oil or acrylic on canvas, photo painting, a soapstone object, or an installation titled "Talked out of the Sewing Box," among other things. "When people do that, I'm sure sometimes things come to light that were hidden before," Pritz said. In Angelika Schneeberger's painting "Usedom Swamp," for example, cleverly placed shading and plays of light in a rather dark depiction draw the viewer into a mystical, magical world.

"We are happy to be able to exhibit art here again," Jansen said at the opening. However, vernissages and other events could not yet take place because of the ongoing pandemic. He paid tribute to the association, which was founded in 1926 as the "Gemeinschaft Deutscher und Österreichischer Künstlerinnenvereine aller Kunstgattungen" and has been active in Bonn since 1952, as one of Bonn's oldest associations of women artists.

Maximum of six people

At the exhibition opening without an audience, Jansen spoke of a strange feeling. "Normally we have 100 to 120 guests here at the openings," he said, recalling the past event at the house. Still, he said, it's important to get things going again in this setting. "Many people are waiting to finally be able to enjoy art again," he said. An exchange of art-interested visitors, albeit only in the context of a maximum of six people each, is also possible after appropriate registration.

The exhibition can be seen until July 4 at the Haus an der Redoute, Kurfürstenallee 1a: Wednesdays to Sundays, between 2 and 6 p.m. each day. Registrations are possible via e-mail to Martina Magdiche at bezvst.bad-godesberg@bonn.de.

Original text: Petra Reuter

Translation: Mareike Graepel