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Structural damage in Bad Godesberg: Wooden parts came off the roof of the house at the Redoute

Structural damage in Bad Godesberg : Wooden parts came off the roof of the house at the Redoute

On Monday wooden parts of the roof of the house on the Redoute came loose. The reason for this is broken gutters and rotten eaves boarding. Scaffolding and a protective roof have been securing the main entrance since Tuesday.

On Monday, wooden parts came loose from the roof cornice next to the main entrance of the Bad Godesberg district administration office on Kurfürstenallee. As a precautionary measure, the area was initially cordoned off with flutter tape, the city administration announced. On Tuesday, craftsmen erected scaffolding at the house on Redoute and secured the main entrance with a protective roof.

During an initial inspection of the cornice, roofers discovered rotten eaves boarding, corroded internal zinc gutters and other defects. These defects extend over the entire street front as well as about three metres on each of the left and right sides of the building. The necessary restoration measures must now be coordinated with the Lower Monuments Authority, among others.

(Original text: Juergen Pohlmann. Translation: Mareike Graepel)