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New schedule: Work at the station in Bad Godesberg delayed again

New schedule : Work at the station in Bad Godesberg delayed again

The construction site at Godesberg station will be extended, longer than planned. Actually, it should have been finished already in 2016. The Deutsche Bahn speak of "small delays".

With the new year there are also new announcements of the Deutsche Bahn relating to the Godesberg station. A spokesperson for the company spoke to the GA of "small delays" in the renovation. As a reminder for all those who may have lost track of the situation: The project was supposed to be completed by the end of 2016.

What followed, however, were many other adjustments to the schedule, the last one talking about the end of 2019, which involved work directly on the building. When asked, the spokesman cited "delays in the construction process" as the reason why some things could only be started shortly. These should be completed in the course of spring.

According to Deutsche Bahn, this includes the door in the station building, which will be replaced by an automatic door. In addition, tiling work in the pedestrian underpass and in the entrance area still needs to be carried out. "There will also be an illuminated handrail from the main entrance to the pedestrian underpass," said the railway spokesman. And finally, the two platforms will be fitted with railings at their ends to protect passengers.

According to the railway, however, some things could be completed before the end of last year. "For example, we have adapted the overhead lines in the station area. In addition, the roofs have been completely renovated and the signage has been renewed and partly supplemented. According to the company, there is now more space for customers waiting at the tracks. Before the end of the year, all building materials will have been removed from the platforms.

Volkhard Stern cannot confirm this. Passengers have already contacted Deutsche Bahn themselves on several occasions and pointed out grievances. Only on Monday, the man from Mehlemer told the company that "contrary to your announcement, nothing has changed in the last quarter. Neither the building rubble on the two platforms has been cleared away, nor have the station signs been standardised“.

As a railway customer and as a citizen of Bad Godesberg, he is anything but happy "about this crawling pace of work at the station over the years. All the more so as a high-quality renewal of the entire complex in the station forecourt has almost been completed by the city of Bonn", said Stern. He is not alone with his opinion, as a glance at the Facebook group "Bad Godesberg uncensored" shows. On Wednesday, Benjamin Knüpling asked himself when the railway will complete "the beautiful inner-city waste disposal site on Von Groote Platz".

According to a railway spokesman, the first preliminary work on Groote-Platz has been going on for two weeks. The timetable for the work, which was also adjusted in September 2019, remains unchanged with a deadline of the first quarter of 2020. As reported, the square is to be made barrier-free. Originally, the ramp at the rear exit of the station was to be built in summer 2019. Now it will be spring.

Original text: Silke Elbern
Translation: Mareike Graepel