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Opening on Friday: Workers build up the Bonn Christmas market

Opening on Friday : Workers build up the Bonn Christmas market

Preparations are in full swing in Bonn as workers set up the Christmas market for the opening on Friday. Police have once again drawn up a comprehensive security concept.

The city center of Bonn is currently a hive of bees: people work diligently everywhere, hammering, drilling and building. The construction of the stalls for the Christmas market is in well underway. The City-Skyliner on Remigiusplatz, the highest mobile lookout tower in Europe with a height of 81 meters, is attracting considerable attention. It is one of the attractions in connection with the 50th anniversary of the Bonn Christmas Market. But the first trip to the top won't happen until the official opening of the Christmas market this Friday at 5 pm.

For four weeks, merchants will offer their wares at over 170 stands. From modern art to classic Christmas decorations, there is something for every taste. Hungry and thirsty visitors are also provided for at many stands. For children, the Aktionshaus from the city opens its gates again. Here, children from the age of six can play, paint or do handicrafts.

The topic of security is a key priority: the police mobile station will once again be located near the large church called the Bonn Minster during the entire time the Christmas market is on. Market visitors can go to the police there at any time with questions or concerns. Those looking for advice can also contact the Ordnungsdienst (public order officers) located at Vivatsgasse. The officers will be clearly visible in the city center and will be on the lookout for potential trick and pickpocket thieves. Experience has shown that the thieves are especially prevalent in areas where many people come together. The "alarm bells", which can be tied to a handbag, can be used again to alert a person if someone has reached into their bag. But police advise all visitors to keep valuables in closed inner pockets of their outerwear.

Mobile barriers at three access points

The security concept for the Bonn Christmas market includes mobile barriers and concrete bollards on three access roads. These are located at the entrance to Friedensplatz, at the entrance via Martinsplatz and in the area of Mülheimer Platz, according to deputy city spokesman Marc Hoffmann. These barriers have been erected at the Christmas market ever since the attack on Berlin's Christmas market on Breitscheidplatz two years ago. Back then, Tunisian national Anis Amri raced into the Christmas market stands with a stolen truck, twelve people were killed.

There is still discussion in Bonn about retractable bollards in the area of Bonn's city center. "However, this is still being examined within the administration," Hoffmann said in response to a GA inquiry. Still to be nailed down are technical aspects and the regulation of access roads for authorized persons (hotel access roads, tradesmen, taxis, pharmacy suppliers) as well as for fire brigades and rescue services. Hoffmann said the administration would soon be submitting a proposal to city politicians.

(Orig. text: Lisa Inhoffen, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)