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Cologne evacuation: World War II bombs found in Cologne

Cologne evacuation : World War II bombs found in Cologne

2,500 residents in Cologne are evacuated while experts defuse WWII bomb. A second device also found.

Authorities evacuated around 2,500 residents who live in Cologne-Klettenberg on late Monday afternoon. An unexploded bomb was found on a piece of land at Karl-Begas-Straße 3 during expansion work on a senior citizen’s home. A 300-meter radius was cleared, with many being taken to temporary shelters by bus. In the area are many assisted living facilities or homes for senior citizens.

In addition, two kindergartens, “Miniclub am Komarhof” and one on Geistbergstraße 53 had to close their doors and parents had to pick up their children early.

After evacuations were completed, bomb disposal experts began defusing the bomb. Their work was completed at 5:25 p.m. The bomb weighed 250 kilos. Trains running along the freight station Eifeltor route were suspended but were running again when officials gave an all clear. Roads were re-opened and residents allowed to return to their homes.

In Cologne-Zollstock, another ordnance was found in the late afternoon on a construction site. The device is still partially buried and bomb disposal experts are on the scene to examine it.

(Orig. text: Alexander Hertel)