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Corona Pandemic: Wüst announces access restrictions for unvaccinated people in NRW

Corona Pandemic : Wüst announces access restrictions for unvaccinated people in NRW

The government of North Rhine-Westphalia wants to take action because of the sharp rise in Corona numbers. There are to be access restrictions in the leisure sector and 2G plus is to apply to some areas. Carnival meetings are also affected.

As a result of a sharp rise in the number of Corona cases, access restrictions for adults who have not been vaccinated or have not recovered are to be introduced throughout North Rhine-Westphalia in the leisure sector. This was announced by Minister President Hendrik Wüst (CDU) on Tuesday after a cabinet meeting in Düsseldorf. In particularly sensitive areas, even 2G plus is to apply. The 2G plus regulation is to be applied, for example, at carnival meetings and parties as well as in discotheques. Only those who have been vaccinated or who have recovered and have a negative test would be admitted.

Moreover, anyone who has not been vaccinated against Corona or has recovered from it will not be allowed to enter Christmas markets in NRW. Wüst announced the so-called 2G rule for Christmas markets as well. It allows only vaccinated and recovered persons to enter. There must be regular random checks, said Wüst. According to Wüst, the new 2G rules in the leisure sector in NRW should also apply to major sporting events such as football. The point is not to expose the unvaccinated to any risk of infection, Wüst said on Tuesday.

The new access rules, which will affect the entire recreational area, are to be implemented in the course of next week after talks with the municipal umbrella organisations.

State premiers discuss Corona situation

This week, numerous other top-level bodies will discuss the tense Corona situation: This Wednesday, Wüst will inform the state parliament in Düsseldorf about his Corona course in a special session. On Thursday, the minister presidents of the federal states will discuss a unified course of action together with Angela Merkel (CDU), the executive chancellor. North Rhine-Westphalia chairs the Conference of Minister Presidents (MPK). Also on Thursday, the Bundestag will vote on a reform of the Infection Protection Act. A special session of the Bundesrat is planned for Friday.

Last week, Wüst had already spoken out in favour of the federal government and the states agreeing on a joint "roadmap for the winter months" at the MPK. In his view, this should include a 2G regulation in the leisure sector as well as a 3G regulation in the workplace. "3G" stands for vaccinated, recovered, tested.

According to the Robert Koch Institute on Tuesday, the number of new Corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants reported within seven days in North Rhine-Westphalia has again risen significantly. The so-called seven-day incidence was 176.6 (Monday: 167.0). However, North Rhine-Westphalia was still clearly below the value of 312.4 calculated for the whole of Germany.

(Original text: dpa / Translation: Mareike Graepel)