Duisdorf station Youth dragged to car and locked in

Bonn · Two unknown men reportedly locked a 14-year-old in a car on Tuesday night. Police are looking for witnesses.

Police said at around 10.20pm on Tuesday evening a dispute arose between a 14-year-old boy and two unidentified men at Duisdorf station. The boy said the men dragged him into a black VW Touran. The 14-year-old fought back strongly and cried for help.

The men then apparently drove him to the Weck glass factory, parked the car and left him in the locked car. The youth said he broke the side window of the car, climbed out and ran away.

He told his parents what had happened and they immediately contacted the police. Police said their immediate enquiries had not resulted in any leads on the car or the two men. According to the boy, both men were over 40-years-old. He said one had blond hair tied in a ponytail. He was wearing a dark sweatshirt and white shoes.

His accomplice had dark skin and wore glasses. Police said there were no calls or information from witnesses about the incident at the time in question. They could also not find any witnesses at the scene.

The police are therefore now asking: Who saw the incident in Ladestraße on Tuesday 23 August between 10pm and 10.30pm? Who can give information about a black VW Touran with Bonn numberplates, whose back right side window is or was damaged? Anyone with information should call Kriminalkommissariat 37 on 0228/150. (Orig text: ga; translated by Kate Carey.)

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