Decision of the Bonn District Council No alcohol ban at Frankenbad

Bonn · With a citizen's petition, a woman from Bonn demanded that there be an alcohol ban on Frankenbadplatz. She said it had become a meeting place for drug users and drinkers. The politicians of the Bonn district council made a decision.

 The Frankenbadplatz is controversial as a meeting place.

The Frankenbadplatz is controversial as a meeting place.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

There will be no alcohol ban on Frankenplatz. A corresponding citizens' motion was rejected by the Bonn District Council in its meeting on Tuesday evening - with the votes of the Greens, SPD, Left, Volt, CDU, Rheingrün, the party and the non-party Thomas Fahrenholtz.

The motion says: "As a native of Bonn, having grown up in the old town of Bonn, I remember a carefree childhood in which I spent a lot of time on the Frankenbad forecourt. In the past, it was a meeting place that was family-friendly and where you felt safe." Unfortunately, he said, in recent years the square has become a meeting place for people who consume alcohol and drugs “excessively".

The GA has reported several times on the situation at Frankenbad, where residents had described the situation there similarly to the applicant. She also writes: "I simply cannot understand how such a beautiful place in the heart of the old town can be allowed to fall into disrepair.”

(Original text: Dennis Scherer; Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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