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City waits for state government orders: No Christmas market in the usual form in Bonn this season

City waits for state government orders : No Christmas market in the usual form in Bonn this season

Federal and state governments have not yet decided whether Christmas markets and carnival processions can take place. But one thing is already clear: There will not be a Christmas market in the usual form in Bonn this season.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are unlikely to see a Christmas market this season in Bonn as we have known it in the past. Mayor Ashok Sridharan made this clear on Thursday evening. But he does not yet want to completely cancel the Christmas market in the city of Bonn or in the other districts.

"I welcome the plans of the federal government and the states to prohibit major events until the end of the year. Now we are waiting for the state to issue the relevant regulations so we can find out the details," said Sridharan. However, he added that the city would continue to talk to market organizers to find out what smaller formats might be possible, taking into account protection measures against the coronavirus.

The City of Bonn, as the responsible municipal regulatory authority and coordinating body for events, is in close contact with all stakeholders. Overall, the City of Bonn is critical of holding major events in their usual form in light of the current situation with the corona pandemic. "The most important thing is that hygiene and infection protection can be observed during the events", said city spokeswoman Monika Hörig.

Meanwhile, there has already been a decision in Cologne: The Christmas market at Cologne Cathedral will not take place this year due to the corona pandemic.

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