Application withdrawn No Ferris wheel on Remigiusplatz during Beethoven anniversary year

Bonn · Otto Barth, a member of the Barth showman clan in Bonn, is withdrawing his application for putting up a 30-metre-high Ferris wheel on Remigiusplatz. For the Bonn council the issue is now over.

There will be no Ferris wheel on Remigiusplatz.

There will be no Ferris wheel on Remigiusplatz.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

No Ferris wheel will be set up on Remigiusplatz during Beethoven's anniversary year. Showman Otto Barth informed the specialist administration department on Wednesday that he is withdrawing his application for 2020. This means that Bonn city council will no longer have to deal with the controversial issue at its meeting on Thursday, 7 November.

Barth, son of the Bonn showman tycoon Rudolf Barth, has drawn his conclusions from the dispute about whether setting up a Ferris wheel on Remigiusplatz is a good idea or utter nonsense. "An original idea in the wrong place," is how Stephan Eisel from the citizens’ initiative ‘Bürger für Beethoven’ recently reacted to Barth's idea for commemoration. Even the statements from the political camp were not in Barth’s favour. Bonn's Mayor Ashok Sridharan told the GA on Thursday, "We will not pursue this objective any further. The Ferris wheel is no longer an issue for us because the applicant has withdrawn his application.

GA has learned that behind the scenes there was a lot of anger about Otto Barth's venture. The idea was poorly viewed, especially in showman circles. Competitors are said to have wanted a municipal tender to be held for providing the Ferris wheel. But nothing will come of this now. The next giant Ferris wheel to turn will be at the Pützchen's market in September 2020.

(Original text: Holger Willcke, Translation: Caroline Kusch)

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