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Autumn of 2020: November in Bonn was exceptionally warm

Autumn of 2020 : November in Bonn was exceptionally warm

November of 2020 was too warm, much too dry and very sunny. This is the conclusion reached by the former chief weather statistician of the city, Klaus Kosack. His assessment is based on current data from the weather station Endenich of the University of Bonn and past meteorological data.

Temperatures: November of 2020 had an average temperature of 8.9 degrees Celsius, making it 2.6 degrees Celsius warmer than usual. November of 2014 and 2018 share eighth place for highest average temperature. This is based on Bonn weather charts which have been kept since 1895. November was divided into three parts this year: There was a very mild start with the highest monthly temperature of 21.8 degrees Celsius on November 2. This was the second highest November temperature ever measured in Bonn. Even warmer was the 3rd of November in 1899 when it reached 21.9 degrees Celsius. An onset of cold air came in the last third of the month. On the 30th, it was minus 4.4 degrees Celsius, making it the lowest temperature of the month and the whole year. There were two days in November when the temperature dropped below zero.

Sunshine: November weather was relatively stable, allowing the people of Bonn to enjoy many nice days. There were 122 hours of sunshine, which is 60 hours more than the long-term average. This puts it in 3rd place in 52 years of weather records. On four days there were more than 8 hours of sun, and on two days the sun remained hidden the whole day. It was the ninth month of 2020 that had more sun than usual. By the end of November, there were 471 more hours of sun in 2020 than the long-term average.

Precipitation: November was very dry. The total precipitation was 14 liters of rain per square meter, spread out over seven days. This is the seventh driest November in 173 years in the city of Bonn. Even drier was November 2012 with 1.6 liters. The small amount of rain had an impact on the Rhine water level: On November 1, it was at 2.89 meters and dropped continuously to a low of 1.49 meters on November 30.

Autumn 2020: The meteorological autumn ended on November 30. It was the third warmest autumn in the last 126 years. The previous autumn was 1.1 degrees Celsius cooler. The warmest autumn day in 2020 was September 15 with a high of 34.7 degrees Celsius (new September and autumn record). November 30 was the coolest autumn day this year with minus 4.4 degrees Celsius. In terms of precipitation, autumn of 2020 comes in 97th place in the city's 173-year weather records. In terms of sunshine, there were 406 hours, giving it seventh place in 52 years.

Orig. text: Klaus Kosak

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