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Construction to begin in 2020: Old Haribo shop in Bad Godesberg gives way to police station

Construction to begin in 2020 : Old Haribo shop in Bad Godesberg gives way to police station

Project developer Hafa actually wanted to raze the Haribo shop on Friesdorfer Strasse to the ground as early as July. Construction is now due to begin at the beginning of 2020. Then a new police station will be built on the site.

Actually, the old Haribo shop on Friesdorfer Strasse should have been history long ago. In July, project developer Hafa wanted to level the building to the ground, as Andreas Thamm from the Group explained. But the work was delayed. The Bad Godesberg Hafa Group, which in addition to Thamm also includes Achim Carl, Harald Gude and Frank Piotrowski, has sold the site to the investor Garbe Immobilien-Projekte - including the construction concept (with a few minor changes).

"We want to start building at the beginning of 2020", reports Ivo Gotsche from the Garbe management. Then a new police station will be built on the site, which is expected to be handed over at the end of 2021. The police will receive a completed corner building that will be integrated into the entire construction project, opposite the current kitchen studio. Around 90 policemen will then work on three floors plus there will be a staggered storey.

The "high specifications" are a challenge, says Gotsche. For example, bulletproof doors and windows have to be installed. An uninterruptible power supply also plays a role. "Discussions on technical equipment are underway with the police," says Gotsche.

More than 90 apartments to be built

In addition, slightly more than 90 apartments will be built on the 4000 square metre site. Towards Friesdorfer Strasse, these will be smaller and thus suitable for singles or young couples, explains Gotsche. On Weißenburg- and Truchseßstraße, Garbe mainly uses three- to four-room apartments. "There, the focus is more on families.“

There is no socially subsidized housing construction on the site. According to the investor, the Council decision by which 30 percent of subsidized housing construction must be integrated into new construction projects was taken after the construction was approved.

In addition to a police station and apartments, a day-care centre is also to be built, and the planned high-rise will presumably have an underground car park. According to Gotsche, a commercially usable building is to be erected instead. The idea of accommodating three small shops on the ground floor continues to be topical. The goal: small units for local supply. Ecological aspects also play a role. For example, an area that had been completely sealed for many years will be unsealed. "The idea is that the rainwater can completely seep away and be returned to the groundwater," says Gotsche.

If everything goes according to plan, everything will be ready by the end of 2022. By then, Garbe, which is currently building the "100+" project on Koblenzer Strasse, will have invested around 55 million Euro. As reported, the project is the third construction phase on the approximately 25,000 square metre site between Friesdorfer, Weißenburg- and Truchseßstraße. The new office and production site of the Sicat company, which offers software and hardware for dental practices and laboratories, is growing in the northern area facing the Stolle company. According to Hafa, everything will probably be ready in the first quarter of 2020.

The group itself is no longer involved in that construction, it has also sold this part of the site. However, the construction of the new Haribo factory outlet was in their hands on the central part of the site, where jelly babies have been sold on around 800 square meters since June. "We are four Godesbergers, so it is nice to have the factory outlet in our hands," Thamm and Carl agree.

(Original text: Ayla Jacob; Translation: Mareike Graepel)