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Online dating habits of Bonners

Tinder, Bumble and more : Online dating habits of Bonners

Single men from Bonn are rather limited in their use of words and named Daniel, single women are named Julia and dance the Zumba - and both prefer to postpone important tasks until tomorrow. Fact or cliché? At least that's the result of a study that took a close look at online dating in Bonn.

Getting to know people online - this is no longer a taboo in 2019 and especially in the internet generation. Dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Lovoo are making millions, and even social media giant Facebook has recently decided to bring the right people together with its own platform. After test runs in the USA, European singles will also be able to enjoy the benefits at the beginning of 2020.

But until then, there will be enough couples to use the existing services on offer. According to a study by the digital association Bitkom from February of 2019, 30 percent of all respondents aged 16 and over had already used such a service.

According to the representative survey, four out of ten people aged 16 to 29 years are active on one of the numerous platforms, for those between the ages of 30 and 64 years, it's about one in three. Even those in the generation over 65 years keep an eye on the new technology - every tenth is said to have searched online for love.

According to the study, the results are positive: More than half of the interviewees found a steady relationship online. Every fourth person is still together with the partner they found online and one in three had already ended the relationship.

Online dating in Bonn: How couples come together

And what about those in Bonn who use the online dating services? The comparison portal onlinedating.de has evaluated more than 5.5 million profile texts of online data from 16 countries with the help of artificial intelligence. Responding to a GA inquiry, a spokeswoman said there were about 5,000 profiles from Bonn, which should be sufficiently representative of the 320,000 inhabitants. Around 54 percent of the people in Bonn had written at least something in their profile.

First there is the gender ratio, which is surprisingly balanced: 54.5 percent of Bonn online daters are male, 45.5 percent female. On average, male singles are a bit older: 29.5 years compared to 27.8 years for women. According to the evaluations of the study, this is pretty much within the Germany-wide average.

Admittedly, to formulate one's own narrative on a dating platform is probably more difficult for some than writing an analysis of a poem in 9th grade - but it is essential to not only be persuasive with superficial, visual stimuli. On an international level, a text is probably 51 characters long on average, while the German average of 43 characters is significantly shorter. And the people of Bonn are apparently particularly short on words: on average, women use 35 characters, men just 19.

Bonners particularly tight-lipped in profile text

Maybe the dating profiles will tell whole stories with Emoji's instead. Among the most popular Emojis all over the world are flags, especially the national flags of the users. And what are the professions of the online daters from Bonn? The jobs most frequently mentioned include business owners, managers, mechanics, trainees and managing directors.

When it comes to the concrete intentions that Bonners have in using one of the many platforms, they agree at least on the second most important reason: Both men and women are looking for "dates and relationships". In first place among male daters was "good conversations", with female daters it was "getting to know new people". "Freundschaft Plus" (“Friends with benefits”) only makes it to the last place of the top five amongst male daters in Bonn and to the fourth place for Bonn female online dating users.

Ten Fun Facts about online dating in Bonn

It can wait ‘til tomorrow: Most users of the online dating services who write in their profile about procrastination come from Bonn. Carnival enthusiasts look for other carnival fans: Bonn is in second place among the profiles with the most mentions of carnival. Cologne occupies the top position, followed by Bergisch Gladbach, Solingen and Wuppertal.

A heart for tolerance: Tolerance is written large - or often - in Bonn. Online daters from Bonn mention this most frequently in their profiles in a comparison of German cities.

When it comes to names: The most singles named Guido and Maike come from Bonn. In no other city do these names appear more frequently on online dating profiles.

Modest descriptions: Good-looking? Perhaps the people of Bonn are particularly cautious about this self-assessment. In a German city comparison, Bonn only ranks 36th in this respect. The first three places go to Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

Cheers: The alcoholic drink most frequently mentioned by Bonners in their profiles is beer, followed by wine and whiskey.

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