Traditional Bonn shop Opening of Playmobil shop in old Puppenkönig premises delayed

The popular model railway will once again be winding its way through the window display of the Puppenkönig shop in Bonn, although it has a new operator. But it will be a while before the Playmobil world of adventure opens its doors.

 It’s rolling again: the Playmobil train in the Puppenkönig window.

It’s rolling again: the Playmobil train in the Puppenkönig window.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

Patience is required from anyone waiting for the doors of the Puppenkönig store on Gangolfstraße to reopen. The Playmobil world of adventure will not be ready for business before Christmas, as had originally been hoped, company secretary Stefan Hirsch has just announced. He does not want to commit to a concrete opening date at the moment, but in all likelihood, it will be "in the first half of the new year".

The delays are due to the Coronavirus pandemic and to a lack of craftspeople. Hirsch and his colleagues are having the traditional Bonn toy shop, which boasts 800 square metres of sales space, refurbished and redesigned after taking over from the previous owners who had closed down their toyshop. Both the basement and the first floor will be reserved for playing and experiencing the new Playmobil World, and there will be large backdrops for play worlds such as the police, royal castles, outer space and dragons.

Digital game consoles are also planned. Sales will take place on the ground floor, where parents and grandparents (or spouses) can make themselves comfortable in a bistro. The new owner originally wanted to open the shop around St Nicholas Day (6 December).

For the time being, the activity in the shop window will go some way to shorten the wait. There, in Puppenkönig tradition, a model railway can again be marvelled at in the run-up to Christmas. By all accounts this is the 96th time, and from now on it will be a Playmobil train. Stefan Hirsch: "We are committed to a proud tradition and are aware that the shop is well-known in Bonn and beyond. We want that to stay. In the future, the Puppenkönig will be an oasis for families to recharge their batteries in the middle of a shopping spree."

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