Incident in Bonn Passengers snatch blank gun from man on the S23

Bonn · On Thursday, passengers snatched a blank gun from an 18-year-old on a S23 train when he started to fill the magazine. He is said to have had a loud fight with his ex-girlfriend beforehand.

 The S23 line.

The S23 line.

Foto: Axel Vogel

On Thursday afternoon an incident with a blank gun occurred on the S23 railway line from Bonn to Euskirchen. According to police reports, there was a loud dispute between a man and his ex-girlfriend. Witnesses report that the woman was beaten and held by the 18-year-old.

Several passengers responded to the situation by informing the driver. This, in turn, was reported to a police officer of the Bonn police force, who happened to be traveling on the train in civilian clothes while off-duty. He rushed to make his way to the 18-year-old. Even before he arrived, a 26-year-old and a 27-year-old saw that the young man had a gun in his waistband. When he then took a magazine in his hand and filled it with cartridges, the two men, who did not know each other, intervened resolutely. One of the men grabbed the 18-year-old's neck, the other took the gun from him.

The 18-year-old fled to the rear of the wagon, but was finally overwhelmed and arrested by the policeman.

At the "Helmholtzstraße" stop, the man was led off the train and handed over to officers of the Duisdorf police station. According to the police, the weapon was a blank gun, which was seized. Criminal charges were filed against the 18-year-old. The investigation against him is ongoing.

Police report that the S23 remained for about 25 minutes at the stop "Helmholtzstraße" because of the incident. As a result, surrounding barriers remained down for a long time and the crossing remained blocked for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Especially in the area of the Bahnhofstraße it resulted in major traffic obstructions.


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