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ADAC survey: People in Bonn are particularly dissatisfied with mobility

ADAC survey : People in Bonn are particularly dissatisfied with mobility

The German Automobile Club (ADAC) asked people in 29 cities to rate their satisfaction with the traffic conditions in their city. According to the survey, Bonn residents are particularly dissatisfied. The responses also demonstrate the impact of the corona crisis on the type of transport used.

The German Automobile Club (ADAC) has conducted a survey of over 10,000 people from 29 German cities to find out how satisfied they are with mobility in their city. The results show that Bonn residents are particularly dissatisfied with local traffic conditions. The city was ranked only 23rd in terms of satisfaction. Respondents included car drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and local public transport users. The situation for car drivers was rated by far the worst and the situation for cyclists also scored quite badly overall.  

According to the survey results, motorists in Bonn are particularly dissatisfied with the management of roadworks, the availability of parking spaces, the price of parking and the behaviour of cyclists. Cyclists, on the other hand, mainly criticise the behaviour of car drivers and are not particularly satisfied with the condition and width of bike lanes. On the positive side, many cyclists highlighted the reliability of reaching their destination in the planned time.  

The respondents were much more satisfied with the use of public transport. The biggest criticism here was the level of value for money. However, the high number of stops and the feeling of safety onboard were rated largely positively.  

Only the routes that the respondents covered on foot were rated as even more satisfactory. Pedestrians were particularly satisfied with being able to reach their destinations directly. The only negative aspects were the behaviour of cyclists and the lack of seating along footpaths. 

Many avoid using public transport during corona crisis 

The ADAC survey also provides information on the means of transport used most often by Bonn residents. According to the survey, most respondents (27 per cent) used their car for private journeys on at least 50 days in the past three months. About the same number covered a distance on foot on more than 50 days.

Only a few left their car behind completely during this period (17 percent) or did not cover a single distance on foot (12 percent). In comparison, 55 per cent did not cover a single distance by bicycle or e-bike. For business trips, 79 per cent did not use a bicycle at all. 36 per cent of those surveyed also did not use public transport during this period. Only eleven percent used public transport at least every other day.    

The survey also clearly demonstrates that the means of transport used by Bonn residents have changed significantly as a result of the corona crisis. 16 percent drive more often since the crisis began, and 21 percent walk more often. The most significant change, however, is in public transport: 20 percent said they travel less by public transport and 16 percent no longer use it at all.  

People from other NRW cities were also surveyed, such as Münster, Aachen and Wuppertal. According to the survey, respondents in Münster are the most satisfied in the whole of Germany. By far the least satisfied were respondents from Mönchengladbach. The ADAC survey was conducted between the beginning of October and the beginning of November 2020. 

(Original text: Leandra Kubiak, Translation: Caroline Kusch)