Identification checks on 100 people Police show large presence at the Rhine in Bonn

Bonn · Once again, law enforcement officers were at the Rhine in Bonn, running identification checks on people gathered there. More than 70 police officers were at the scene, and more than 100 persons were checked.

Identification checks on 100 people: Police show large presence at the Rhine in Bonn
Foto: Nicolas Ottersbach

Police had announced in advance that they would be at the Rhine this weekend. Overnight from Saturday to Saturday, more than 70 police and public order officers were on site, running identification checks on people who had gathered there.

The Brassertufer in Bonn was once again the focus. Here, especially in the summer months, there are more and more young people gathering here, partying in a loud manner until very late, especially on the weekend. The mood is often aggressive and there are disturbances of the peace and harassment along this part of the Rhine riverbank. The result: criminal charges, some being taken into custody and preliminary arrests.

Officers on the scene had checked the identifications of about 100 people until 2:30 am, and ordered around 22 persons to leave.

After several teams of plainclothes police officers first investigated the area around the Brassertufer near Bonn city center and also parts of the right bank of the Rhine in Beuel, uniformed law enforcement moved in at around 10 pm. There had been some indications of smaller groups under the influence of alcohol on the Rhine in Beuel, and police also responded there.

During the police checks, persons in the vicinity of the Stifts Church, on Steinerstrasse and at the Hofgarten were also approached and identifications checked. In two cases, police found small amounts of narcotics and seized them.

At about 12:20 am on Steinerstrasse on the right bank of the Rhine, officers confiscated a "butterfly knife" and some narcotics, but could not determine the owner of the knife. Before police were finished, six people had been ordered to leave the area.

Before that, police officers had checked a group of people at the Fritz-Schroeder-Ufer and discovered and seized a telescopic baton that had been discarded nearby, as well as several units of narcotics.

Violation of the Corona Protection Ordinance

At the Hofgarten, there were 33 violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance. Public order officers filed charges for the violations.

At around 1:30 am, police units checked identifications of seven intoxicated persons on the promenade on the right bank of the Rhine in front of a restaurant area. All were ordered to leave the area.

According to the police, many different law enforcement units were on hand, including some from the criminal division and canine units. Bonn police say they will continue to assess the situation in the area of the Rhine promenades and remain present in those areas, running identification checks.

(Orig. text: Michael Wrobel /Translation: ck)

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