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Niederkassel: Power failure led to water supply problems

Niederkassel : Power failure led to water supply problems

Parts of Niederkassel were affected by a power failure on Wednesday morning. As this also had an impact on the pump system of the waterworks, there were problems with the water supply.

A power failure in Niederkassel on Wednesday morning also affected the water supply in some households. As the city announced on its Facebook page around 7.50 a.m., there was a power outage in the morning. How many households were affected is unclear, said Markus Thüren, the city council's spokesperson, in response to a GA request. The cause must also still be determined. The company Westnetz has been charged with the search for the cause.

The pump system of the waterworks was affected by the failure. As a result, there was no running water in some households. However, the system switched over immediately after the failure, said Thüren. In the course of the morning, all households were supplied with electricity and water again.

(Original text: Alexander Hertel / Translation: Mareike Graepel)