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Charges filed after prohibited protest in Bonn: „Querdenker“ demo organisers threatened with a fine of 20,000 Euro

Charges filed after prohibited protest in Bonn : „Querdenker“ demo organisers threatened with a fine of 20,000 Euro

After the ‚Querdenker’ (‚lateral thinkers’) demo on Saturday in Bonn, the city filed charges against the organisers. They are now also threatened with a fine of 20,000 Euro. Christos Katzidis, member of the CDU state parliament in Bonn, accuses the ‚Querdenker’ movement of "dangerous actions".

The city of Bonn has imposed a fine of 20,000 Euro each on the two organisers of the ‚Querdenker' demonstration which took place last Saturday evening at the market. This was confirmed by the city spokeswoman Monika Hörig to the GA upon request. On Saturday, the city had already sent the organisers a decree of order.

Hörig was optimistic as to whether the city would also receive the money from the organisers. "We believe that we have good chances. The police have video material that proves that the order was violated. In addition, the organisers will also receive a complaint for holding an unauthorised event. The amount of the fine there is 1000 Euro.

As the GA reported, the police filed 36 administrative offence reports for violations of the obligation to wear masks that evening. For intent, the fine is 100 Euro instead of 50 Euro. Furthermore, Hörig announced that several participants were still being checked to see whether they had committed an administrative offence by participating in the prohibited event. This would mean a fine of 250 Euro each.

Christos Katzidis (CDU), member of the Landtag, is in favour of having the unconventional thinker movement monitored by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. After the illegal demonstration of the so-called "Corona-Info-Tour" on Saturday at the market, he spoke of "dangerous actions". He said it was intolerable "how the Corona deniers ignore regulations, police orders and even court decisions and endanger others". They are showing "more and more uninhibitedly" that they reject the state, said Katzidis, who is the domestic policy spokesman of the state parliamentary group.

He announced an NRW Assembly Act for 2021 at the latest. "We want it to include a penal provision whereby many actions of the lateral thinker movement will no longer be classified as administrative offences but as criminal offences in future," explained Katzidis. The Cologne Administrative Court had prohibited the rally in Bonn. The organisers ignored this decision.

(Original text: Andreas Baumann and Thomas Leurs; Translation: Mareike Graepel)