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75 apartments to be built: Residents are pushing for more green on Kennedyallee

75 apartments to be built : Residents are pushing for more green on Kennedyallee

At Kennedyallee 41 in Bad Godesberg, around 75 apartments are to be built, so the area will have to be cleared of bushes and trees. As compensation, the neighborhood wants to have 17 trees planted on their properties.

One might almost think that the area at Kennedyallee 41 is completely undeveloped. Only when you take a closer look do you notice the villa, which is situated in the middle of trees and bushes. The house has been empty for a long time and soon it will go away. According to the city, there are plans to build around 75 apartments in three separate buildings on the approximate 4,900 square meter site. One of the buildings will have four floors and two of them will have three floors.

They will be connected by an underground car park with an entrance on Kennedyallee and exit on Matthias-Grünewald-Straße. According to an initial plan, almost all trees and bushes on the property will have to be removed for the project.

The plan is met with mixed feelings among the residents of the Matthias-Grünewald-Straße and Langer Grabenweg, especially with regard to cutting down the trees and the increase in traffic density which will occur as a result of the new buildings. Some residents are proposing a number of amendments which they have expressed in a citizens' amendment. 17 out of 20 trees, which would probably have to be taken away, came under the tree protection statute, the administrator stated at the most recent meeting of the district council. The residents hoped that these 17 would be replanted in the immediate vicinity, and on the properties of the those who petitioned.

Parking to become even tighter with the new buildings

Another concern is that there are more cars in the vicinity since new construction took place at Matthias-Grünewald-Straße/Godesberger Allee. This has also made it more difficult to find a parking space. The result: dangerous situations occur regularly on Matthias-Grünewald-Straße and Langer Grabenweg. And not only with cars, but also with pedestrians shopping in the nearby supermarket. In order to defuse the situation, the residents requested that "a 30 km/h zone leading to the exit be created".

Another wish to build the entrance and exit of the new underground car park to Kennedyallee was withdrawn by the residents. After a discussion with the administration, it was said that this was not feasible.

The administration said ten of the 17 trees would be replaced. The proposals from the citizens would be evaluated, including the 30 km/h idea, as par of the preliminary planning in the development plan. It will then become clear over the next few months whether the proposals will be implemented.

According to the city, citizens can view the development plan from November 21 to December 20 in the Stadthaus (City Administration Building) on Berliner Platz, on the internet or in a slimmed-down version in the Bad Godesberg Town Hall on Kurfürstenallee. In this period they can submit their suggestions and requests for changes, which will be evaluated in the further planning procedure.

Orig. text: Ayla Jacob

Translation: ck