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The "Ocean-Paradise" is for sale : Several interested parties for China ship in Beuel

The "Ocean-Paradise" is for sale : Several interested parties for China ship in Beuel

The popular China ship "Ocean-Paradise" on the waterfront at Beuel is not yet sold. The owners are currently looking for interested buyers.

The popular China ship "Ocean-Paradise" has not yet been sold, Angelika Schmitz informed the GA when asked. She and her brother Dieter are the owners of the special restaurant ship that has shaped Beuel's waterfront for more than three decades.

"After the last article from the GA, several interested parties from Bonn approached us, with whom we are currently in contact," said Schmitz. Together with her brother, she hopes that the ship will remain in Bonn, as do many people in Beuel. There is concern in the city that the China ship could be bought by a foreign investor and then shipped to England or the Netherlands, for example.

The owners want to sell the ship because fundamental investment in the substance of the ship is necessary in the coming years, which the two siblings do not want to take on. In addition, both have focused their attention on their passenger ships, and the fleet also includes the Rhine-Nixe and Moby Dick.

Since 2004, tenant Huan Zhang has been running his restaurant on the ship and has a lease agreement until 2023, which he intends to fulfil, but after that, he wants to enjoy his well-deserved retirement.

(Original text, Maximilian Mühlens; translation, John Chandler)