Münsterplatz in Bonn Shop window turned into a snowy bear land

Bonn · At Galeria Kaufhof on Münsterplatz in Bonn, the Steiff animals are on the loose again. This year, the department store's window displays a wintry bear land.

The Steiff bear world at Kaufhof.

The Steiff bear world at Kaufhof.

Foto: Meike Böschemeyer

The Steiff animals are out again in Bonn - as they have been for almost 40 years. Several generations usually enjoy the elaborate, moving decorations at Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof. The older ones reminisce, the youngest can't stop marvelling at the winter wonderland.

This time, it's off to Bear Land for everyone, as Jürgen Grün from the company puts it: "The children are really totally thrilled by the staging." One teddy shakes out the plümos like Mother Holle, another knocks the dust out of the carpet with a tapper, while the family below - visible through a knothole - eats dinner in their tree house. Horses pull a snow carriage up a steep slope with all their might, little roughnecks climb a fence.

In the wintry bear forest, many friends also have their place: chattering geese, croaking frogs and cuddly bunnies. Mecki the hedgehog taps a keg and his wife pours beer in mugs. So there is a lot going on around the hollow tree.

The toy company Steiff equips several branches throughout Germany with the animals for the respective Christmas decorations. There are about 150 of them. Since the theme worlds are thus on tour, the people of Bonn get to see a different window every year. Let's hope that, due to Kaufhof's financial difficulties, this will continue to be the case in the years to come.

Original text: Richard Bongartz

Translation: Mareike Graepel

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