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Car accident on the A59: Six vehicles collide on the motorway near Troisdorf

Car accident on the A59 : Six vehicles collide on the motorway near Troisdorf

Shortly after a car overturned, there was another crash almost at the same place on the A59 near Troisdorf. Six vehicles collided and blocked the entire lane in the late evening.

Shortly after 9.30 pm there was another major accident on the A59 behind the Troisdorf junction. Just moments earlier, a woman’s car had turned over a bit further north. Again, the motorway between Troisdorf and the motorway junction Sankt Augustin-West had to be completely closed by the police.

The six vehicles collided shortly after 9.30 pm. One car slid into the side ditch. The fire department had to free the driver from her vehicle. The exact cause of the accident is not yet known. According to the police, the full closure of the aforementioned area continued into the night.