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ICE timetable change 2020: Some connections from Siegburg/Bonn are completely omitted

ICE timetable change 2020 : Some connections from Siegburg/Bonn are completely omitted

The timetable change in ICE traffic from Siegburg/Bonn station on the Cologne-Hamburg line is causing annoyance. Some connections are completely omitted - Deutsche Bahn and the city of Siegburg claim that the service will improve.

"More trains in the 2020 timetable" advertises Deutsche Bahn. The chart on the map of Germany shows a number of colourful lines indicating where DB's long-distance lines are being reinforced. Siegburg/Bonn is not on it. Between Cologne and Frankfurt, nothing but white space. However, according to the rail company, the number of connections between Cologne and Hamburg will be increased by ten percent when the timetable changes on December 15.

All in all, the connections from Siegburg will even slightly improve, says a railway spokeswoman on request. In its newsletter, the district town of Siegburg is cheering about "more connections to Frankfurt main station and Nuremberg, but fewer stops in Mannheim and Stuttgart. Altogether the number of daily departures increases slightly.

ICE 511 is cancelled in Siegburg/Bonn

It's rather annoying for commuters. The ICE 511, which previously operated daily from 6.09 a.m. via Stuttgart to Munich, will be completely cancelled from 15 December. Some ICE trains will also be cancelled, including the ones from 10.08 a.m. going South, and the Northbound ones starting at 7.47 a.m. and at 9.21 a.m too. "For the Siegburg/Bonn ICE stop, the range of services will remain at the same level as before with around 60 ICE stops on working days. If there are several journeys, the departure times and, in some cases, the routes will change. For example, more ICE trains will stop in Siegburg/Bonn from Brussels, Frankfurt Central Station and Nuremberg instead of Mannheim and Stuttgart," says the DB spokeswoman from Düsseldorf.

Ingo Steiner, Chairman of the Green Parliamentary Group and of the Planning Committee of the Parliamentary Group, is angry: Werner Lübberink, Group Representative of Deutsche Bahn in North Rhine-Westphalia, had promised in the joint meeting of the planning committees that the status quo at the Siegburg stop would be maintained and improved - and not that there would rather be a deterioration.

(Original text: Dylan Cem Akalin / Translation: Mareike Graepel)