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Five working days left : Sridharan starts his final week as Bonn Mayor

Five working days left : Sridharan starts his final week as Bonn Mayor

Acting Mayor Ashok Sridharan still has five working days to go before Katja Dörner takes over. He still has a number of appointments on his agenda for the final week.

The last week of Ashok Sridharan’s term of office is dawning. After taking a holiday in the autumn break, the Lord Mayor still has five working days until his successor Katja Dörner takes over operations at the Stadthaus (city hall).

Sridharan's agenda for this week still includes a number of appointments. On Monday, he is taking part in an online meeting between the city and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).Here he will present the report "A Territorial Approach to the SDGs in Bonn" dealing with the implementation status of the 17 UN sustainability goals (SDGs) in the city. On Tuesday, Sridharan will chair an online conference on the future of Bonn's city centre. In the afternoon, he will hand over the Proskenion Foundation's Young Talent Award to the director of the Junges Theater, Moritz Seibert, and in the evening he will be in attendance when Olivier Adam, head of the United Nations Volunteers Programme, signs the city's Golden Book (which documents the history of the city).

Katja Dörner will be sworn in and inaugurated into office at a council meeting on 5th November at the Brückenforum. Her first working day, however, will be Monday 2nd November. Her first appointment: a meeting with the municipal staff council.

(Original text: Andreas Baumann, Translation: Caroline Kusch)