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Crimes in Bonn and Niederkassel: Suspect identified in series of smashed car windows

Crimes in Bonn and Niederkassel : Suspect identified in series of smashed car windows

After the series of window-smashing incidents in Bonn and the region, the police have identified a suspect. They announced on Monday that the suspect was apprehended on Friday.

Police search successful: After the series of incidents in which numerous car windows and windows of shops were smashed in, the police have identified a suspect. They accuse a 30-year-old man from the Troisdorf area of committing the crimes.

The series began on the night of November 4-5, when 39 windows were smashed, including a window at the information booth of the Bonn Minster. A further 25 windows were smashed the following night in the Niederkassel-Mondorf area. The series of incidences inflicting property damage ended last Friday night in Niederkassel-Rheidt with another at least 30 windows smashed.

In the course of the investigation, witnesses had given early indications of a darkly clad cyclist with a backpack. Searches for the suspect during the nights when the crimes took place were unsuccessful, despite the high level of police deployment.

According to the police, witnesses are very likely to have recognized the 30-year-old who has now been identified as the fleeing cyclist. He was taken into custody last Friday, according to the police on Monday afternoon. After the authorities had finished their proceedings, the man from Troisdorf was released, as the high legal requirements for a pre-trial detention had not been fulfilled, according to the police.

The investigations are continuing.

Orig. text: Laszlo Scheuch

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