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In the Kurpark in Bad Godesberg: Suspected drug dealer offers marijuana to police

In the Kurpark in Bad Godesberg : Suspected drug dealer offers marijuana to police

On Tuesday a suspected drug dealer approached the "wrong potential customers" in the Bad Godesberg spa gardens. He attempted to sell marijuana to two officers in plain clothes.

On Tuesday, an 18-year-old suspected drug dealer approached two out of uniform police officers in the spa gardens of Bad Godesberg at around 6.25 pm.

The 18-year-old offered the police officer "one gram of marijuana for ten euros". When he recognised the officers, he first ran away with a still unknown companion. After a short escape, however, he was caught.

The policemen seized several prepared units of marijuana and presumed deal money. The 18-year-old man from Bonn was released after a search of his flat and the initiation of an investigation on suspicion of drug trafficking.

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