BBL play-offs against Ludwigsburg Telekom Baskets Bonn on their way to the final

Bonn · The Telekom Baskets Bonn only need one more win to enter the final of the German basketball championship. In the second semi-final game, the hosts once again defeated the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg, this time with 94:65.

Due to Collin Malcolm's injury, Jeremy Morgan returned to the team. Photo: Jörn Wolter /

Due to Collin Malcolm's injury, Jeremy Morgan returned to the team. Photo: Jörn Wolter /

Foto: Jörn Wolter /

Telekom Baskets Bonn earned match points for the final of the German basketball championship with a convincing win. The team of head coach Tuomas Iisalo also won the second semi-final against MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg with 94:65 (27:21, 17:15, 24:13, 26:16). After the success on Monday, the Bonners can already close the bag on Saturday in Ludwigsburg (20:30).

Before the game, the Baskets had to cope with the absence of Collin Malcolm, who was not fit in time after his injury in game one. The winger took a seat on the bench next to Karsten Tadda, who is also still injured. Jeremy Morgan returned to the squad and started in the starting five. He was joined by TJ Shorts, Tyson Ward, Finn Delany and Leon Kratzer.

On the opposite side, ex-Bonn player Yorman Polas Bartolo was greeted with a roar of whistles - unusual in the Telekom Dome for former players, but Polas Bartolo had not made any friends on Monday with his "rude style of play", as Baskets coach Tuomas Iisalo criticised. Even after that, the Baskets supporters whistled at the Ludwigsburg player every time he touched the ball.

The Baskets got off to the better start led by Morgan. It was the winger who scored the first points to the loud cheers of the 6000 spectators in the once again sold-out Telekom Dome. And he added another eight points in the first quarter. So the hosts went into the second quarter with a 27:21 lead.

But Ludwigsburg now defended even more aggressively, the Bonners did not hit their shots and also lost the ball unnecessarily. Point by point, the guests fought their way back. In addition, Bonn's centre Mike Kessens injured his knee again (but returned in the second half) and Javontae Hawkins had three fouls early on. When Sebastian Herrera was fouled on a successful basket at 35:32 and took a bonus free throw to make it 38:32 (18th minute), the Baskets got back into the game better. TJ Shorts and of course - one would like to say - Jeremy Morgan with a three-pointer made it 44:36 at half-time.

After the break, the Baskets came out of the dressing room with a lot of energy. Kratzer in particular had his work cut out for him and contributed the first seven Bonn points of the third quarter: 51:36 (23rd). When Will Cherry was called for two technical fouls and had to leave the hall, the nerves of the Ludwigsburg team were finally on edge. And the Bonn team took advantage of the opportunity to pull away to 68:49 by the last quarter break.

The final period was a showcase with play-off minutes for Zach Ensminger and Jonas Falkenstein. And the early exit for Polas Bartolo, who picked up his fifth offence with a technical foul.

(Original text: Tanja Schneider and Marcel Wolber; Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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