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Comparing ticket prices: The cost of recreation and leisure activities in the Rhineland

Comparing ticket prices : The cost of recreation and leisure activities in the Rhineland

Recreational attractions are especially popular during the summer holidays when people are looking for fun things to do and cannot travel far. A nationwide comparison shows what you have to pay for various leisure activities in the bigger German cities.

Typically, families (and everyone else) like to relax and unwind during the summer holidays, but at the same time many people crave a little action. One doesn’t need to look far to find some fun outdoor activities that are practically at your front door.

A nationwide study compared the cost of various recreation and leisure activities. The online magazine Homeweek published the results, giving a glimpse into what these pursuits will cost you in Germany’s largest cities.

For the sake of comparison, Homeweek determined the most central location for each activity and listed the most economical prices in that place. It should be noted that the prices for admission to pools only apply to public swimming pools. Also, the family ticket prices always include two adults and two children. The price of beer in the beer gardens were collected by the online website Numbeo, where people can voluntarily enter how much they paid for a beer.

Outdoor pools

Admission prices to outdoor pools in NRW cities fluctuate considerably. In Cologne, outdoor pool tickets costs six euros for an adult, and children up to 14 years of age pay 3.50 euros. In Cologne, pools do not offer family ticket rates. It’s different in Düsseldorf where adults pay 4.10 euros in the least expensive public outdoor pools, children pay 2.80 euros and a family ticket for two adults and two children costs 10.70 euros. Compared to these two large cities on the Rhine, Bonn is definitely less expensive. Here, adults can jump into the cool water for prices starting at 2.50 euros/children from 1.50 euros. But a family ticket is not available here.

Climbing parks and high ropes courses

Climbing parks can be found in Düsseldorf, Bonn and Cologne. In Düsseldorf, adult tickets cost 27 euros and children pay 22 euros. In Cologne, the least expensive entrance fee for an adult is 22 euros and for a child 15 euros. In Bonn, there is somewhat of a cost advantage. Adults pay 19.95 euros, children pay 16.95 euros and Bonn is the only one of the three cities that offers family tickets, which cost 59.95 euros. Climbing is most economical in Essen. There the entrance fee for adults and children is only 15 euros and 8,50 euros respectively. Family tickets can be bought here starting at 39 euros.

Beer gardens

In the Rhineland, you will find the least expensive prices for beer in Düsseldorf. There, half a liter of local beer costs 3.50 euros and 0.33 liters of an imported beer costs three euros. In Cologne and Bonn, half a liter of beer costs 3.80 euros and 3.75 euros respectively. When it comes to imported beers, 0.33 liters costs four euros in Cologne, and only 3.50 euros in Bonn.


Minigolf is fun for young and old and does not have to be expensive. Since the prices of the courses can vary greatly within the cities, the courses with the best ratings were selected here. Single tickets for children and adults are available in Bonn from as little as 3.50 euros and four euros respectively. In Cologne and Düsseldorf the prices look similar, with adults paying five euros in Cologne and children paying 3.50 euros. In Düsseldorf, adults pay four euros and children three euros.

Stand up paddle board rentals

A newer trend in water sports is stand up paddle boarding. You can even do this on the Rhine. In Cologne and Bonn you pay 35 euros per day. In Bonn, one of the places you can rent a paddle board is at Aktiv Events Bredthauer. In Cologne you can also rent a paddle board by the hour, at a rate of 20 euros. In Düsseldorf, paddle board rentals are cheapest, costing 12.50 euros per hour. In Hamburg, you pay a whopping 64 euros per day for a paddle board rental, making it one of the most expensive locations.

Boat rentals

When the weather is hot, there are some places where you can go to get out on the water without having to get wet. There are several possibilities to rent boats and canoes in Bonn and the region. In Bonn, for example, you can rent a canoe for 65 euros a day. In Düsseldorf there are canoes and paddle boats for 13 euros per hour and in Cologne you can rent a paddle boat from 7 euros per hour.

Water skiing

If you like water skiing, you will also find this activity in the Rhineland. Water skiing is available from 26 euros for adults and 20 euros for youth. On top of that, you pay nine euros for two hours of wetsuit rental. In Bonn, one of the places where you can go waterskiing is at the Bleibtreusee (Bleibtreu Lake). In Düsseldorf water skiing is slightly more expensive. Adults pay 27 euros and youth pay 22 euros. Wetsuit rental costs only six euros for two hours in Düsseldorf. Water skiing is particularly expensive in Hamburg. Here, adults and youth pay 36 euros and 31 euros respectively, and wetsuit rental for two hours costs ten euros.

City sightseeing

For those who want to see their own city through the eyes of a tourist, city sightseeing tours can be exactly the right thing. One also has the chance to get to know new cities in this way. In Cologne and Bonn, adults pay 18 euros and tickets for children start at five euros. In Düsseldorf, children pay eight euros for a ticket. The prices in Münster and Berlin are surprisingly high. In Münster, tickets for children cost 18 euros - exactly what an adult ticket will cost you in Cologne and Bonn. City tours in Berlin cost a hefty 28 euros for adults and 14 euros for children.

For the complete listing in the various cities, you can visit the website: https://www.homeweek.de/kostenkompass

(Orig. text: Tamara Wegbahn; Translation: ck)