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Theatre in Bonn: The donkey tells the Christmas story

Theatre in Bonn : The donkey tells the Christmas story

The Little Theatre in Bad Godesberg dares a change of perspective in its children's play during Advent. The Christmas story focuses on angels and donkeys telling stories.

Just in time for Nikolaus, the Little Theatre in Bad Godesberg also dedicates itself to the youngest theatregoers with a musical Christmas play. "The Christmas story, narrated by the angel and the donkey": The audience sees the events around the birth of Christ from a different perspective.

To tell it to the children, a little angel (Viktoria Klimmeck) is sent to earth. Unfortunately this angel is very forgetful. But luckily he meets a donkey, exactly the right one (Jenny Winkler): Fridolin the First himself. It was Fridolin who carried the pregnant Mary to Bethlehem.

A snapped angel makes people laugh

His view of things, however, is a slightly different one. He remembers, for example, the very heavy, very pregnant Mary and his desire for food and sleep after the long journey. But he also utters many a funny comment: "Holla, the forest fairy! But you scared the shepherds quite a bit!“ The sensitive and - when it comes to the description of the newborn Jesus - quite maudlin angels don't like to hear that and are really annoyed. Other funny ideas inspire the audience, such as the star of Bethlehem, which looks more like a rocket, or the confusion of myrrh (angel) and carrot (donkey).

Even though Klimmeck and Winkler's Christmas story is quite short at about 45 minutes, they show the whole development from the call to the census to the arrival of the Three Kings and their meaning. The children, who were represented by two kindergartens this morning, were often invited to participate and did so with great joy and enthusiasm. Again and again they sang together, preferably the well-known Advent and Christmas classics, such as "Kommet, ihr Hirten", "Maria durch ein Dornwald ging" or "Ihr Kinderlein kommet". Together with guitarist Joachim Uerschels and the audience they sang and even rapped at the end.

The young audience was enthusiastic at the end and honestly didn't want to leave.

On 14 (4.30pm) and 21 December (3pm) everyone will have the opportunity to check out the special Christmas story once again. More information can be found at kleinestheater.eu

(Original text: Verena Düren; Translation: Mareike Graepel)