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Open air show with water, fire, laser lights and music: The sixth Klangwelle showcases emotional moments in history

Open air show with water, fire, laser lights and music : The sixth Klangwelle showcases emotional moments in history

The unique open air show with water, fire, laser lights and music provides a great evening of entertainment for guests and is only around a half hour from Bonn. Tickets are on sale now, one night is already sold out.

The theme of the sixth Klangwelle event also seems to be a guideline and motivation for the organizers of Klangwelle: Milestones. A literal translation of the word Klangwelle would be soundwaves but it is so much more in this case. The open air show with water, fire, laser lights and music, started out in Bonn but moved to the Kurpark (Spa Park) of Bad Neuenahr in 2014, earning ridicule and criticized at first as a “crazy, provincial idea.” Meanwhile, it has become a hugely successful event, attracting around 16,000 visitors every year, even from outside the region. Tickets are selling steadily and the first evening in October is already sold out.

Christian Senk, Managing Director of "Ahrtal and Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler Marketing GmbH", greeted the partners and sponsors of the event at the press conference in the Klangwelle Lounge. He thanked them and credited them with believing in the concept right from the start, helping to write its success story. Long after the milestone sound wave show has ended, it will come back as a highlight of the 2022 State Garden Show.

Roland Nenzel is the artistic director of Klangwelle, and he will once again present the eight evenings of the event with Thomas Spitz. Nenzel says the secret of success of the show is that in addition to the impressive technology, the one theme is carried out through the entire show. He revealed that the sound waves this time around will have even more light, and the park gets a third dimension through more depth. "And in 2020 we will dedicate ourselves to Beethoven." But this time around he wants to take the visitors on an emotional journey into the past. In four acts, Klangwelle stages special events of German history and world affairs in a perfectly synchronous mixture of water fountains, a play of colors consisting of light and laser effects, inspired pieces of music, emotional video sequences and fiery pyro accents.

In the first act, the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1949 is commemorated with classics and symphonic pop. Nenzel's favorite part is Act Two: The world stood proverbially still on July 21, 1969, when Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. "There are explosive moments with fire and laser and a visual force on the screen that guarantees goose bumps," promises the artistic director. The third act focuses on “heimat” in the Rhineland.

It also becomes emotional in the fourth part with "Tear down the Wall - 30 years since the fall of the Wall". Zeitgeist meets music history, because with "Wind of Change", "Freiheit" or "Heroes" there are many songs connected with the event. And no one from the town who was there on October 5, 1989 will ever be able to forget the scenes that took place when 800 GDR refugees from the Prague embassy arrived with the special train at the Ahrweiler railway station and chanted "Freedom, Freedom". Ahrweiler had been chosen because it had the necessary infrastructure for a reception camp in the form of the then Federal Disaster Protection School. First came some from the GDR to be resettled, and then in 1990, German-born citizens from all over the Eastern Bloc came. It was to be around 30,000 people altogether.

Orig. text: Marion Monreal

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