Forecast for the carnival days The weather in Bonn and the region during the silly season

Bonn/Region · It's finally starting again: Many party-goers in Bonn and the region are already looking forward to being able to celebrate carnival again this year, at least in moderation. But will the weather cooperate during the silly season’s days?

 Carnival can be celebrated again this year - but with restrictions.

Carnival can be celebrated again this year - but with restrictions.

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After a year without any carnival activities at all, carnival revellers in Bonn and the region can look forward to carnival celebrations again - even if they are still taking place with severe restrictions.

 The weather is at least partly cooperating: It will be rather chilly at eleven degrees Celsius on Weiberfastnacht, but it will remain dry until the evening hours. From midday, gusts of wind of up to 54 kilometres per hour may sweep through the streets. The sun will only be visible for a short time.

On Friday, temperatures will drop to a maximum of seven degrees and light rain is expected throughout the day. In addition, there will be further squalls that can reach speeds of up to 57 kilometres per hour. For this reason, it should also feel considerably frostier for the Jecken on the streets. The sun is also unlikely to make an appearance this Friday.

All fans of the street carnival can breathe a sigh of relief from Saturday onwards: although the thermometer will hardly rise above seven degrees, it should be much more pleasant to be outdoors without gusts of wind. The sun will shine again and again under only slightly cloudy skies, and it will remain dry. On Carnival Sunday it will remain dry and windless with a high of eight degrees. The carnival revellers in Bonn and the region can also look forward to up to eight hours of sunshine.

On Shrove Monday, the weather will also be pleasant with highs of ten degrees. There will be no rain and because the sky is only slightly cloudy, the sun will shine almost continuously on this day. This trend continues on Carnival Tuesday with temperatures of up to eleven degrees and an almost cloudless sky. Then the carnival revellers can enjoy six hours of sunshine.

(Original text: Christine Bähr; Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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