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Rated highly by "Gault&Millau": These Bonn restaurants are among the best in NRW

Rated highly by "Gault&Millau" : These Bonn restaurants are among the best in NRW

Every year the restaurant guide "Gault&Millau" honors the best restaurateurs in Germany. In North Rhine-Westphalia, two Bonn restaurants have made it to the top.

A distinction from the restaurant guide "Gault&Millau" is a great honor for restaurateurs. Now the winners for the year 2020 have been announced. Among them are two restaurants from Bonn.

Halbedel's Gasthaus and Yunico made it into the top 12 of the best restaurants in North Rhine-Westphalia. Halbedel's Gasthaus is located in the area of Bad Godesberg called the Villenviertel (the neighborhood with many old villas). Owner and cook Rainer-Maria Halbedel offers a menu with dishes containing products from the hotel's own farm.

The second Bonn prize winner, the Japanese restaurant Yunico, is located in the Kameha Hotel. The restaurant offers European-Japanese dishes from chef Christian Sturm-Willms.

The "Gault&Millau" is right up there with the "Guide Michelin" as one of the most famous gourmet guides in the world. Tohru Nakamura, chef of the Munich restaurant "Werneckhof", was awarded chef of the year in Germany.

Rated highly by "Gault&Millau" in NRW

Others ranked highly in NRW are the young outstanding chefs Daniel Gottschlich and Erik Schmitz from the Cologne restaurant "Ox&Klee" as well as Oliver Röder and Filip Czmok from "Bembergs Häuschen" in Euskirchen. In the 2020 German edition of the Gastroführer, they scored 17 out of a possible 20 points, making them the rising stars of the year.

Joachim Wissler from "Vendôme" in Bergisch Gladbach remains the undisputed leader. For 11 years he has been leading the field of top chefs in NRW with 19.5 points. Nationwide, only eight chefs have this top score for world-class restaurants. The critics appreciate his constant creativity and his latest dishes, such as duck with blueberry compote, black root and ginger jus.

Television chef Björn Freitag receives award

Television chef Björn Freitag can also be happy about the evaluation for his "Golden Anchor" restaurant in Dorsten. The testers praised a poached haddock that was "artistically" wrapped in woven narrow zucchini strips. Freitag and Christoph Kaiser increased their rating to 16 points. The often sharp-tongued testers of "Gault&Millau" rated 144 restaurants in NRW. Compared to last year's edition, 28 new restaurants were added and 51 "boring ones" were eliminated.

The gourmet testers also talk about about Cologne and Duesseldorf and their fine cuisine. In Duesseldorf, "a kind of casual kitchen artistry" has been established, which includes street food that reaches a quality achieved in top restaurants. In Cologne, the testers found that casual is better. Even top restaurants seldom offer starched tablecloths. There are also those "that feel more like decorated student pubs”.

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