1600 people on the streets Three Corona marches on one evening in Bonn

Bonn · On Monday evening, "walkers" met two demonstrations of the council factions and Fridays for Future in the city centre of Bonn. The retail sector was also a topic: because of counterfeiting, 2G wristbands are no longer valid in Bonn.

 Demonstrators with different views on the Corona pandemic clash in front of the Old Town Hall. Nevertheless, it remained peaceful.

Demonstrators with different views on the Corona pandemic clash in front of the Old Town Hall. Nevertheless, it remained peaceful.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

The number of people taking to the streets on Mondays is increasing: At various demonstrations in the city centre of Bonn, there were about 1600 this time. The "walkers" against the Corona measures alone marched through the city to the Hofgarten with about 1200 participants. They were opposed by the alliance of the council's parliamentary groups on Marktplatz and by Fridays for Future on Münsterplatz, each with about 200 people. According to the police, the situation remained peaceful.

 Grandfather killed by Corona

For one young woman, the "walkers" who passed her on Münsterplatz were hard to bear. The 18-year-old lost her grandfather to the corona virus. Now she stood at the Fridays with megaphone in hand to make herself heard. "I can't understand how, after two years of the pandemic, people still don't believe the scientific facts," she told us. She sees this as a danger. "Those who reject science to this extent and are susceptible to conspiracy theories can also drift very quickly in the national socialist direction.“

 She was not alone in this opinion. Fridays for Future had registered the meeting to emphasise that the denial of scientific facts was an increasingly growing threat in society. "We must not let a minority cause the loss of trust in science. Together we can tackle the corona crisis and the climate crisis. But only if we listen to science and stand side by side for our values," said Annika Bohlen (24).

 Loud slogans clash

 This sounded more pointed in the crowd of young people. Again and again they chanted: "National Socialism out of our heads" and "Whoever demonstrates with Nazis has not understood the crisis". The response of the "walkers" came promptly: "Nazis out", could be heard there from some. A speaker from the Alliance Against the Right spontaneously took up this situation. Whoever demonstrates with right-wingers and at the same time distances himself from them is a hypocrite.

 It was quieter on the market square. This time, the CDU had issued the invitation to the rally, with the Bonn council factions taking turns. Christian Democrat Guido Déus was joined by Lord Mayor Katja Dörner (Greens), Leftist Jürgen Repschläger and Paula Erdmann of Die Partei. While the latter satirically shouted "Vaccination! Vaccination! Vaccination!", Déus found more reserved but clear words. "We must not leave the space in front of our town hall to those who are anti-democratic." He said that one did not want to lump everyone together and to take people's concerns and needs seriously. But: "Vaccinations and solidarity are the way out of the pandemic," said Déus. After the speeches, the Junge Union made it clear that it was a matter of life and death. Its members lit some candles and held a vigil for the victims of the pandemic.

 Fake 2G wristbands and vaccination cards

The business community was also represented. Karina Kröber from Bonn City Marketing reported on the precarious situation of the retail trade. In addition, she said, the 2G wristbands that had been distributed to facilitate controls in the shops could now no longer be used. "We have to make more effort to control the entrance again," she said. This is because counterfeit wristbands have turned up in larger quantities in the city. "That is why I can only ask you: If you catch someone who is fiddling with wristbands or even vaccination certificates, say something," Kröber appealed.

Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach

Translation: Mareike Graepel

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